OnePlus AirPods Pro Clone can be an alternative to Solid ANC

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Image: OnePlus – The One Plus Buds Pro is just a bit different with silver stems instead of white — but it’s much lower in value.

OnePlus has been making wireless earpieces for the last few years, but now it feels that the company could finally compete with the big brands when the new OnePlus Buds Pro is announced.

The OnePlus Buds Pro and the AirPods Pro are obviously comparable to a design which looks much like wireless earbuds produced by a particular fruit company—but with silver but not white stems. However, with a starting price of just $150 ($100 less than AirPods Pro) supporting built in active noise cancellation, the Buds of OnePlus look as though they are of significantly better value.

According to OnePlus, the Buds Pro includes 3 mics in each earbud that can filters out up to 40 decibels of noise, which can dynamically adjust the noise cancellation level rather than being limited to just a few preset ANC levels, as opposed to some other headphones.

Thankfully, the Buds Pro are also available in black, which should help avoid some confusion with Apple’s AirPods Pro. 
Image: OnePlus

Two 11mm drivers power the audio, and OnePlus’ audio ID promises a calibrated sound profile. Even Dolby Atmos audio is supported by Buds Pro. OnePlus said the Buds pro should last approx. 5 hours at one ANC charge, or about 7 hours at ANC, with OnePlus adding more than 30 heures of extra juice to a wireless charging case. And if you’re pinching, you can charge the battery with one of OnePlus’ warp power bricks and you’re just 10 minutes away, OnePlus says that the charging case of Buds Pro can sprinkle 10 hours worth of the battery.

For gameplayers, OnePlus says the latency of the Buds Pro can go up to 94m by enabling Pro Gaming mode. The OnePlus Buds Pro is going to be sold for $150 on Sept. 1 in the USA and Canada.

Illustration: OnePlus

In addition, onePlus also announced a new budget/midrange phone for the Nord 2 5G in addition to the OnePlus Buds Pro. Nord 2 has a 90Hz refresh rate, a MediaTek 1000 chip size, a 6GB/8GB/12GB RAM display, and a storage range of up to 256GB and three rear cams. The Nord 2 has a 2400 x 1080 AMOLED display. And the Nord 2 looks like a very affordable phone with a pricing tag beginning at 400 euros. Sadly, OnePlus has not planned to bring Nord 2 into the United States.