Why not buy Apple’s MagSafe iPhone 12 Battery Pack

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techno.rentetan.com – A good battery pack on the market?? This is probably not it. This probably is not.

Apple knocks her with its accessories out of the park sometimes. For instance, AirPods offer a better experience than other Bluetooth headphones. However, there are times when Apple has its own accessoires to a first-party location, such as the $99 Apple magnetic MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 12, which is not available from third-party companies.

How to work the iPhone 12 MagSafe Battery Pack

The MagSafe Battery Pack is a rectangular battle pack (or power bank) that fits the back of the iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max magnetistically. It’s 99 dollars. It works like all other MagSafe accessories and has an integrated experience like no other product as a first-party battery pack. This is the only reverse wireless charge battery pack or accessory that you can charge when charging your iPhone (the battery pack will only start charging after your iPhone is charged up to 80 percent ). Using a flashing cable, the battery is charged.

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Why is the MagSafe Battery Pack so deceptive?

If you look only at the MagSafe experience, it sounds pretty good, but the devil is not readily available on the product page. The capacity begins with: The MagSafe Battery Pack has a battery inside of 1460 mAh, 11.13Wh, which is very small. The iPhone 12 itself has a battery of 10.78Wh, in comparison. Furthermore, consider the inefficient Qi wireless charge with quite a bit of the capacity lost during the charge process. Not to mention that the battery pack only charges a slow iPhone at 5W.

All of this is the MagSafe Battery Pack which struggles to fully charge your iPhone and, even though it loads you up to 90%, it takes a long time.

What Apple does do is the fact that they use an 11Wh battery (which is double the capacity of third-party battery packs). This makes the real capacity 2920 mAh, but still isn’t enough to fully charge an iPhone 12, given the loss of power in the wireless process.

There is, of course, a way to quickly charge your iPhone with the MagSafe Battery Pack, but using a 20W adapter via the port (essentially using the battery pack as a wireless charger). Oh, and the adapter or cable does not come in a box.

There are also several usability problems with the MagSafe Battery Pack as the MagSafe Wallet. While your magnets are strong (you can’t simply shake them off), a simple thumb push is sufficient to release the magnets, not good news for an accessory that will go in and forth from your pockets all day long. Finally, while the MagSafe Battery Pack marketing images display a very smart product, the reality is very different.

The MagSafe battery pack is cheaper


In fact, depending on your model, and not quick to charge, the MagSafe Battery Pack can only charge the iPhone up to 70-90%. You can achieve better performance (like a full charge) for less cost when you don’t mind using alternative external solutions (sometimes less than half the price).

These battery packs are only compatible to MagSafe (mostly only magnet-only Qi wireless chargers), so they don’t receive additional characteristics like better MagSafe charging power efficiency, but as the MagSafe Battery Pack itself is restricted to 5W charging you don’t lose much.

Some alternatives should be considered here:

  • HyperJuice ($39.99): One of the best known and most popular magnetic battery pack. There is a 5000 mAh battery and 7.5 Wireless charge is supported (12W wired charging using a USB-C port).
  • Mini juice pack ($49.99): Mophie snap+: A similar story also reaches 5000 mAh and can charge an iPhone 12 completely. The battery pack is supplied with a USB-C port.
  • Anker Magnetic Anker 5K ($45.99): Anker’s Magnetic 5K PowerCore is another reputable battery pack. A battery with a 5000 mAh inside is similar to Mophie’s battery. The iPhone 12 Mini has to be charged fully and iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are almost completely loaded (95 percent to 97 percent ). The iPhone 12 Pro Max will only be charged at 75%.

Why would you still like a MagSafe Battery Pack?

You could still want to get one, all of that considered. It is the only real MagSafe battery pack available on the market, after all. It has close integration with iOS, battery health control and is easy to use. Snap it on your iPhone, everything you have to do and you can forget it. If this is worth $99, you don’t have to stop the rest of the devilish details.