Replaces the iPhone Mini with a cheaper Pro Max and 5G SE iPhone reportedly by Apple

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Photo: Caitlin McGarry/Gizmodo – The iPhone Mini was doomed to poor sales, but fans with smaller screens are unhappy

The destiny of the iPhone Mini didn’t appear too late. Earlier this year Apple was buzzing that after poor sales, it would stop making its smallest phone. However, the Mini has always been included in the four-phone lineup of the iPhone 13 rumors. Nevertheless, a new report from Nikkei Asia says that from the beginning of 2022 a 5G iPhones SE will be available to replace the iPhones Mini with iPhones14.

Mini fans may not be pleased about the news that the SE option for Apple would be to double. The iPhone SE 5G is still based, Nikkei points out, on the iPhone 8, which represents a 4.7-inch LCD display rather than the OLED 5.4-inch mini. Earlier rumors from iPhone SE also suggested that it would also stick around the home button. The great news is that it will have the same processor A15 as other iPhone 13, as well as the 5G compatibility X60 modem of Qualcomm.

In addition, Nikkei Asia claims an anonymous source that Apple will grow, replacing the new 6.7-inch iPhone Pro Max, rather than just a little other small-screen phone. This Pro Max has been described as a “relatively economic version” by the resource and is now available for two 6.1-inch and 2 6.7-inch telephones. In other words, you will have to stick to the SE, if you want a smaller phone.

That’s not awful given that the same processor will receive it. Apart from faster chips and 5G, it is unlikely that SE will have more advanced features, such as the FaceID and the MagSafe, and until now there is no evidence that a better camera is also available. That said, the 2020 iPhone SE impressively opposed the 11 Pro Max.

This is very meaningful. The Mini and Pro Max were both available in November 2020 when they sold the iPhone 12. The iPhone Mini represented only 6% of the sales at that time, whereas the Pro Max exceeded its sales expectations at 20%. This means that you will probably want to buy an iPhone 13 Mini if you stop buying an iPhone 12 Mini, but still want to buy an Apple phone with more advanced features and better camera.

With respect to Apple’s other products, Nikkei Asia claims that new AirPods will be released next month — in line with Apple’s new iPhones manufacturing schedule. To date, the rumors of AirPods 3 indicate that the new generation will take a large amount of earbuds from the AirPods Pro design. This also means that the buds debuts simultaneously with the iPhones and Apple itself returns to its regular launch timing for the September event. The pandemic squeezed last year with supply chains that caused Apple, from September to November, to expand its fall product lance schedule to three separate Events.