How to Fix (and Prevent) ChromeOS Last Bugs

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Photo: CC Photo Labs (Shutterstock) – The newest Chrome OS 91 update locks users from Chromebook from their devices.

Chrome OS users reported a severe bug with their Chromebooks in recent system updates. For some reason, when trying to login after installing version update 91.0.4462.165, Chrome OS fails to recognize Google passwords for users. Another serious bug, like boot loops, may result from the botched update.

9to5Google reports that a 91.0.4462.165 update is not available anymore, and Google is working on a patch to fix the mistakes that have been created which I hope will soon expire. That said, don’t download or install new Chrome OS updates to avoid these problems until Google’s new patches are confirmed to function correctly. Do not restart your device when the update is downloaded but not yet installed.

You will have to wait for the new update to appear, but when available then you should be able to log in safely. You will need Chrome OS version 91.0.4462.165 and experience a bug with your unknown password. Fortunately, even if the main user account doesn’t function, you can log into your Chromebook as a guest and download update files.

How to Guest mode install Chrome OS Updates

  1. Click “Browse as Guest” on the Chromebook login screen.
  2. Go to Settings > About Chrome OS once you are inside.
  3. Click the “Check for Updates” button.
  4. When a patch is available, the update begins automatically.

You can also continue to use your Chromebook as a guest while waiting to receive the patch. This is not a great long-term solution, because certain administrative tasks or guest account information—including browsing history and files downloaded—cannot be removed by leaving the guest mode. It’s still better than using Chromebook to fix this round of Chrome OS bugfixes as paperweights while Google works.

That said, you can also reset the factory to retrieve full access to your Chromebook account. This removes all files and apps saved on your device, removes Google accounts and restores the system settings by default. Unless you have to restore Google Account Access onto your Chromebook at once, we do not recommend a factory reset.

How do I reset a Chromebook?

  1. Tap and hold the Ctrl + Alt + Shift + r keys on the login screen.
  2. Click on ‘Restart.’
  3. Choose “Powerwash.” Select.
  4. Click “Continue” button.
  5. Wait for reset and follow any instructions on the screen when they appear.
  6. When prompted, log in to your Google account.

To restore Chromebooks stuck in a boot loop use the recovery utility.
Sadly, no such workarounds are applicable to users with a bootloop. Rather, a ChromeOS USB recovery media must be created with a separate Chromebook or PC, USB thumb drive and Chromebook Recovery Utility. To reinstall the Chrome OS, download the utility, follow the instructions and connect it into the affected Chromebook. This wipes your device just as much as a factory reset, but it’s your only way to get the Chromebook back into operation.