Valve Servers Shit the Bed Because of the demand for Steam Deck

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Image: Valve – Do I want to make a booking? Be patient and refresh not too frequently.

The forthcoming arrival of the OLED Switch yesterday countered Valve with its PC-based, $400 steam deck, handheld gaming console. Bookings opened today and the Steam Store seems to be just not able to continue.

After bookings for the Steam Deck it was almost immediately live at 1 p.m. ET/10 hours ET/10. PT, Twitter has been inundated by frustrated messages by prospective customers who say they cannot complete their reservation, and that they often have several errors or buy screens timing before checking out fully.

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Whilst the Steam Deck announcement might have been a small surprise, the Steam user base has flown to more than 120 million users a month in 2020, so it should probably not be a huge shock to see Valve’s servers fall apart when a massive flow of reservations is presented.

I have some advice for those who are still trying to book a Steam Deck: When you finally confirm your purchase and see Working button, let it go and refreshe. I’m not sure you’re going to get the information you want to book. In my case, despite my browser tab being closed completely, I could actually snag a booking after the working button had been cycling approximately five minutes.

Alternatively, you’ll have to wait ten minutes before trying to finish your purchase again when Steam says you’ve tried to make too many recently purchases.

Some users (including I) were hit with an error claiming that their Steam account was too new to book—my Steam account is 15 years old. The original intention of Valve to delay the new Steam account reservations was to help ensure that the original production process, which makes errors such as these, could not be scooped up by scalpers or by other unauthorized resalesmen.

While Valve began making reservations today, the steam deck is scheduled to start shipping in December, so the company should have time to order and possibly better accommodate shipments according to the number of existing bookings.

So if you have no chance yet to snack a booking, be patient, refresh the pages of your order, and keep an eye out for confirmation in your inbox.