In smartphone sales now, Xiaomi is second to that of Apple

by - – The worldwide sales market for smartphones is a competitive market, dominated for some time by a number of well-known names at the top. The hegemony of Samsung-Apple was a major part of the phone market.

A shift has now been confirmed, however, as Xiaomi continued growth and impressive sales finally saw it break into the top two and in Q2 2021 Apple was replaced as the world’s second largest teleplayer.

Its market share was a shabby 17%, behind Samsung’s 19% lead, which is a level that it’s never met before and Apple is 14% languishing. However, for each of these companies, this still represents growth.

For Apple, the expansion is about 1%, which is why it has lost second place. On the other hand, Xiaomi has seen growth of 83 percent year on year to show how the charts are rocketing.

The statistics come from Canalys and the figures for sales are explained, in which the sales increase for Xiaomi was driven by its cheaper handsets and therefore it is likely that pushing sales of its flagship handsets, such as the Mi 11 Ultra, is a priority for the manufacturer to move forward.

It is another issue, of course, whether it maintains its position – Apple’s new iPhone models will rebound as ever later this year, so it can be expected that its numbers will bounce back to some extent.