You can remove your Google search history on iOS for the last 15 minutes

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Once the update rolls out to your iOS device, you’ll see an option pop up that lets you delete the last 15 minutes of your search activity.
Photo: Caitlin McGarry / Gizmodo – You can scrub your search history directly if you have an iPhone.

Google is developing a rapid automotive delete control to scrub the last 15 minutes of your mobile search history in its never-ending searchable effort to persuade users of privacy. The feature first comes on iOS devices and later in this year it will be available on Android devices.

Originally announced as an option for the existing automatic deletion feature on Google I/O 2021 the 15-minute scrub. You can automatically delete your data every 3, 18 or 36 months in the Google Search app through your profile page. Or, now 15 minutes can be selected.

Users of the iPhone and iPad with access to this feature will see it emerging in the Google iOS app. To find the button to remove the last 15 minutes in the search history, tap your profile avatar photo. This is a little more satisfactory for removing data than to flip into an incognito mode, and this helps to pinch if you know that you don’t want to feed the algorithm because of your latest obsession with Googling cult.

A look at what the option will look like when it’s live on your iOS device.
Image: Google

Google also points its users to privacy checking and security checking features, both handy ways of identifying which third parties your Google Account has accessed over the years. I recently walked through and removed a bunch of services in almost a half decade that I hadn’t touched. You must spend some time checking the settings and see what Google suggests you tweak, but your account can be secured for some time.

Finally, Google has been able to lock the My Activity page behind an additional login page. For example, they will not have access to what you looked for earlier in the day when you share a device with your children. Because perhaps Mom (it’s me) really went down a rabbit cultivation hole, and some such search results should not be seen by innocent eyes.