With Wi-Fi 6e, the iPhone 13 is ready to boost wireless speed

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Photo: Caitlin McGarry

techno.rentetan.com – Unfortunately, consumers still have pretty expensive Wi-Fi 6e routers. Leaks and rumors about the iPhone 13 went on throughout the summer and now new information suggests that Apple might provide wireless support for its next iPhone batch with a huge boost.

A recent DigiTimes report (through Apple Insider) shows that a few providers including Win Semiconductors, Advanced Wireless Semiconductor Company and Visual Photonics Epitaxy Comp have a huge boost in demand for Wi-Fi 6-related components from Apple.

Wi-Fi 6e has been approved by the wi-fi alliance since 2020, the latest, latest and most advanced Wi-Fi spec. Wi-Fi 6e uses the relatively uncongested 6GHz band to deliver maximum data speeds as high as 9.6Gb/s, contrary to previous wireless standards running on 2.5Ghz or 5Ghz bands. (It is important to remember, that the level of service you receive from your ISP still greatly limits your home wifi speeds.)

Adding Wi-Fi 6e support to the iPhone 13 will help Apple move along the same lines taken by rivalry like Samsung, which earlier this year included Wi-Fi 6e on the Galaxy S21 line.

While Wi-Fi 6e routers (which you really need to benefit from the high speeds) are still quite expensive, Apple might help boost broader adoption for the latest Wi-Fi standard to reduce Wi-Fi 6e router prices and accessories in the future by adding support for Wi-Fi 6e to iPhone 13.

Other improvements to the iPhone 13 include bigger batteries, 120Hz rates of refresh, a lower level of face ID, enhanced cameras and more, in addition to Wi-Fi 6e. And with all these features, it would appear that Apple has been very sophístic about the potential for iPhone 13 sales in 2021, which is 20 per cent more than the 75-million units produced by 2020, according to Bloomberg Apple has asked its suppliers to produce 90 million iPhones.

When Apple will launch a new line of iPhones later this fall, it would be good idea to keep purchasing until Apple officially reveals all the new specifics and features that come on the iPhone 13, if you didn’t desperately need to replace your phone right away.