How to Fix Your Drift Finally Your Owner Nintendo Joy-Con

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Photo: DionVideoProductions (Shutterstock) – The Joy-Cons era may soon come to an end. After years of irritating problems with the Joy-Con drift plaguing Nintendo Switch consoles, a permanent solution can finally occur.

What is drifting from Joy-Con?

For those who don’t know what “Joy-Con Drift” is, feel luckful – it’s a common problem with most of the Nintendo Switch owners. After sufficient use, the thumb stick tension is loosened in the Joy-Con mechanism, and the thumb stick is slightly moved causing unintended input detection—in other words, your cursor, character or menu is moved around the screen even if you don’t touch the controller.

This is a key issue which affects gameplay and the overall usability of the Nintendo Switch. Frankly, there is no problem with a big flaw that prevents the hybrid handheld home console, which is otherwise excellent.

Nintendo and users tried to find a way of overcoming drift. The setting range ranges between inconvenient (like shipment of your Joy-Cons to Nintendo to remedy, or purchase of a replacement pair), and potentially harmful (like the use of alcohol to purify the joy-con sensor or open a joy-con to replace your thumb stick). But while almost all of these solutions worked out (with different successes), none of them offer a permanent solution. The thumb stick voltage will loosen at some point and the Joy-Con drift will return.

A YouTuber named “VK’s Channel,” however, claims to have found a constant solution, which is surprisingly straightforway.

How to remedy your drift Joy-Con

The following video shows that applying pressure to the outside of the Joy Con removes the thumb stick drift as VK’s Channel (who we will call ‘ VK’ for simplicity’). So VK opened the Joy-Con and put a small band of paper behind the thumb stick’s sensor, to ensure that there was enough pressure at all times. VK says the drift has been fixed immediately, and the problem has still to return.

It is impossible to confirm whether the sliding of a piece of paper into your Joy-Con is indeed a long-term solution for everyone, because it has only recently been found, but it seems that it works so much based on the comments made on VKs and across social media.

Is it safe for yourself to set a Joy-Con?

In theory, filling the miniature gap between the case of Joy-Con should suffice to maintain the housing in place as long as the paper is of the proper size — only about 0.5 mm is required to have the paper (or the carton, the carton, etc.). Everything greater will not fit. Anything larger will not fit. If placed correctly, the paper will have no effect on a controller and no heating or conduction risk is to be taken into account (just remember to turn your Joy-Con off first).

What you need to remedy Drift Joy-Con yourself

I plan on trying the fix on a Joy-Cons pair. I have left because of extreme drift problems, but I don’t have the appropriate tools to get the job done, which brings up some major safeguards.

You need to remove four small three-way head screws on the back of the Joy-Cons in order to pull out the VK DIY drift fix. Most Switch owners have no tri-wing screwdriver, and if they do, the right size may not be (a 1.5 mm tri-wing will get the job done).

However, even with the right sprinkler, your Joy-Cons are at risk of opening. Firstly, if something breaks, you will not be able to send them to Nintendo’s tech support (or even your console guarantee when you are using a Switch Lite). Fortunately, the only bits you need to toss are the four taps. Besides placing a small piece of paper or cardstock behind a thumb stick box, you do not need to touch any other components in the controller.

Although VK paper trick requires zero technical accuracy, DIY corrections are still risky. You can bring extra dust into the interior parts by chance, and small parts can break down or fall away and get lost. If you are uncomfortable risking the guarantees and usability of your Joy-Cons, contact Nintendo to receive drifting services professionally, or just purchase an extra couple. But if you’re willing to take things yourself, take a shot at home.