Larger Silicon iMac could feature the M2X chip, which is still expected

by - – Apple started shipping its M1 iMac in May and is a big step in the right direction with accounts. However, it was sometimes questionable why the company Cupertino only chose a 24-inch model. What about those seeking a 27-inch Intel iMac replacement?

Well, there can also be an alternative / substitution for that, with at least one industry expert suggesting that it can see the boost in screen size and a newer processing of Apple Silicon.

Bloomberg’s well-known Apple expert, Mark Gurman, is strongly convinced that the bigger screen Apple Silicon iMac will sooner than later be announced: “I still believe that the larger and redesigned daily Intel Mac is en route to replace the 27-inch Intel models,” he wrote for his newsletter Power On.

“Apple increase from 21.5-inch to 24-inch the screen size of the smaller model would appear to indicate a size increase for the 27-inch model.”

The new model also has an upgraded CPU, either an M1X or even an M2X, according to he: “However, I don’t think that the bigger model with the same chip in the smaller model Apple will launch. This is probably an M1X, the most up to date version of the ̄M1 linux, or an M2X.”

We are sure that we will have a 27-inch iMac upgrade with August 2020’s last generation. Apple hopes that not only 24-inch is a one-size solution for every solution.