I’m not impressed by the MagSafe iPhone 12 Battery Pack of Apple

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Image: Apple

techno.rentetan.com – At first glance, the long-rumored specs of the accessory are impressive.

We assumed that a MagSafe version of the Apple smart battery case would follow closely when Apple announced the magnet charging feature for the iPhone 12 MagSafe. After all, the most obvious and perhaps best use of the new iPhone 12 feature appeared immediately. It is not known why it wasn’t ready to go when the iPhone 12 lineup is available, but Apple’s MagSafe battery pack is here.

Firstly, according to the labels on the back of the accessory, the Apple MagSafe Battle Pack has a capacity of 1.460 mAh at 7.62V. With a battery capacity of 2,227 mAh, 2,815 mAh, 2,815 mAh, and 3,687 mah, the iPhone 12 Mini, 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Max are available at approx. 3,85 V respectively. This is enough to return 12 Minis to a capacity of around 90% but 12 Pro Max will be charged to just about 55% and perhaps even less, given the effectiveness of wireless charging. (The process generates a great deal of heat that is energy wasted.)

In comparison, the Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5K wireless power bank, already available for months, packs a 3,7V battery of 5,000 mAh which is able to almost completely recharge larger models of the iPhone 12, while the 12 Pro Max can recharge to around 75%. It’s only $40, which costs $99 as Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack. Yikes.

But the late-to-play solution by Apple has some advantages other loaders don’t have like Anker. The next iOS 14.7 update will allow you to monitor battery life within iOS, as is battery life for accessories like AirPods and the Apple Watch. Apple also promises to upgrade its limited 5W loading speeds to 15W if the battery is connected to a ‘power adapter above 20W,’ but this negates the comfort of a wireless battery pack.

The iPhone can also load the MagSafe battery pack while the smartphone is piggybacked by plugging it into a power source, but it loads lighter than if it is tied to a source. It is an interesting feature, but it is a niche feature, and it might not be enough to warrant $99 if more can be done for less. The MagSafe battery pack has not yet been tested, so stay tuned to see whether Apples’s new expensive accessory costs.