Intruder-Sprinkler is an AI-powered replacement for an elderly person who shouts at kids for their lawn

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Gif: YouTube – Ryder Calm Down – Finally, you can be that grumpy old neighbour without being old or grumpy.

Growing grass is a delicate process requiring diligent watering and a shortage of people who stump your lawn all day long. The former but struggled with the latter until he built a powerful AI Sprinkler to scare neighbors from his lawn, was Ryder from Youtube’s Ryder Down channel.

Most homeowners did not have to contend with locals traips across the gardens of their front path, but Ryder tried to re-grow grass on the ruins after the city had dug up most of the paved sidewalk, leaving only a dirt road before his homes. Either the old man screaming earlier to get out of his grass or to build an automated solution less rude, yet probably more evil. The obvious solution was to become the old person. The latter approach was taken by Ryder.

Ryder has paired a security camera with custom firmware, using the expertises he learned when building an AI-energized device to compliment the dogs who walk through them, so its feed is fully accessible with a Raspberry pi, an electronic valve controlling the flow of water in a tube, and a YOLOv3 learning system that can detect and detect objects such as dogs.

The electronic valve will automatically be opened and the sprinkler will come to life, passively shooting anyone out of a grass—or at least anyone who doesn’t want to get wet. When the target, which are human or dogs in the general area of Ryder’s front lawn, is found, It does not solve the problem perfectly, but it is better than to install unwise fences around the new patches of grass, install ineffective signs or sit on the porch in a rocking chair to give threatening looks to everyone who has gone past.