Back in May, Samsung launched its free TV Plus web streaming service

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Photo: Alex Wong (Getty Images) – TV Plus was available only on Samsung TVs and mobile devices until this year.

The offerings of our company’s TV Plus streaming service had been a mystery for those of us who did not have a Samsung TV or mobile device, just like yours. It turns out that some months ago, Samsung launched a web-based version of its free, ad-supported TV Plus, which was not told by many people.

The web service for TV Plus appears to have been softly launched in May, according to a new report in Protocol. In addition to making TV Plus available to almost all people, Samsung also updated its mobile app to design its Google Chromecast streaming service in July. Taking into account the insular nature of TV Plus, these actions are the big but timid steps that the company takes into the free-streaming wars.

A Samsung speaker told TV Plus in Q2, although it was not specifying a date. TV Plus started in Q2.

Samsung TV Plus provides free live TV and linear programming, which is what is known as traditional scheduled TV. On their website, the company explains that the service requires no subscription, introduces additional fees or requests a credit card. Nor is it new precisely. In 2016, Samsung launched the service similar to what cable television would expect. This provides users with access to TV Plus and broadcast networks, the Protocol noted.

In the U.S., users can have access to approx. 170 channels, including news and game shows, Gaming and Reality TV. There is even a channel called AsianCrush with South Korean dramas, which are my bread and butter today.

TV Plus was a hit for Samsung users, officials said last year that every month they watched for trillions of minutes. It has been installed on almost 50 million TVs worldwide and is one of the top five apps on Samsung smart TVs.

TV Plus is an open question for users outside the Samsung ecosystem. There is plenty of room for free enthusiasts, such as Peacock, Roku TV and Tubi. TV Plus’ channels are eye-catching, but looking at the list and looking at all other available services reminds me how I felt when I was younger and went to a Forever 21 store — overwhelmed, exhausted, and delighted to stay.