How to take Xbox Series X|S screenshots outside gameplay

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Photo: Arto Tahvanainen (Shutterstock) – There are many screenshots of your lovely Xbox home screen. Gaming at the Xbox Series X|S was one and half a hoot but it made me want to tear my hair out of one thing about the console: it doesn’t allow you to take screenshots away from gameplay quickly. The Xbox doesn’t make it easier for you if you want to display your home screen or take a few screenshots from your settings pages. Fortunately, a workaround is there.

How to get screenshots of Xbox series X|S while playing.

You can press the Share button to take a quick screenshot if you are playing a game. To view and share the screenshot, you can press and hold the xbox button. Also on Xbox apps across platforms these screenshots appear, allowing you to share them from your phone or from your PC too.

Takes screenshots of the Xbox Series X|S if you don’t play

The easiest way to take a screenshot is via remote play when you’re not playing games in Xbox Series X|S. Xbox games can be streamed on your iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows devices. You can snap screenshots of all the pages in Xbox after you have set this up, regardless of whether you are on a game.

Streaming Xbox games to other devices is essentially like using your smartphone or PC as a game console display. This will mean that your smartphone or computer can display the home screen and the configuration pages of Xbox or any other system UI page.

You can take a screenshot by pressing the power button + volume on Apple devices without the home button if you are streaming Xbox Series X|S to your iPhone or iPad. You can use the power button + home shortcut for a screenshot if your Apple device has a home button.

On Android, you can use the Xbox application and set the stream for those screenshots. Press power button + down volume when you are ready. You can either press Print Screen or Windows Key + Shift + S to grab the display shot by streaming Xbox One games on Windows.