How to restart your iPhone or iPad

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Photo: Attila Fodemesi (Shutterstock) – If the tactile iPhone or iPad is frozen, you can force it back on. If your iPhone or iPad is frozen or if touch screen input is not recognized, it might require a forced restart to rework it. You can shut down the iPhone and reboot without using a touchscreen with the force restart method.

Although it isn’t needed very often, sometimes you want your device to restart — I had to use the method myself recently. In my case, when the phone stuck on the “Trust This Computer” pop-up, I connected an iPhone to a Mac. The pop-up froze, and neither of the common tricks worked. (I tried to call the phone, but the interface showed up even underneath the pop-up, and I couldn’t respond to the call.)

That left my choice (besides waiting for the iPhone’s battery to die, which I wasn’t sufficiently patient to do): Restart force. Fortunately, it’s fast and easy.

Restart iPhones and iPads without the button home

If your iPhone or iPad has Face ID (and no home button by extension), you can quickly force it to restart. Press up and release the volume, press down and release the volume and, finally, hold down the power button. When the screen turns off, you can release the power button. The Apple logo appears on your screen and you restart your iPhone or iPad.

The same steps can force an iPhone 8 or an iPhone 8 Plus to restart. Just press up volume, down volume, and hold down the side button until these calls start up again.

Force restart an iPhone 7 or an iPod touch (7th gen)

For iPhone 7, 7 Plus and iPod touch, the strength start key combination is somewhat different. If you have one of these devices, press the button on the top or the side and down, and hold it down until the Apple logo is displayed on the screen, you can force it to restart.

Force to restart an iPad, iPhone 6 or older, or an iPod touch (6th gen)

When you’re having a home iPad, an iPhone 6s (or older) or an iPod touch (6th generation), you can quickly force it to restart if necessary. Press the Home button with the side (or top) button, and hold it on to the Apple logo.