How to download YouTube subtitles for your favorite tutorial transcripts

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Photo: JuliusKielaitis (Shutterstock) – Do you take a course on YouTube? Skip transcription manually and just get the transcript downloaded.

You may want to save the spoken content in a text if you are taking a course on YouTube or watching the reception video, so you can refer to it later…but typing all of the information yourself is a headache too much. You can do two different things in a situation where you are stuck. You can also copy and paste your YouTube video into your notes with a YouTube transcription mode manually or download the whole of the video transcript (i.e. its subtitles) to it later on in one file.

How can YouTube subtitles manually be copied

It won’t work if you attempt to copy the text out of the subtitles. The trick is to open the transcription view of YouTube. Once the YouTube video is opened, click on the three-pointed menu below the title and select the Open Transcript option.

Screenshot: Khamosh Pathak

The entire subtitle text, but with timestemplates, will be shown in the transcript. Select the “Toggle timestamps” option by clicking the three-dotted Menu button. You can use the download on the bottom to change the language.

Now, it’s a sea of words that you’ll see. Simply highlight the text and copy it to the app you want.

Screenshot: Khamosh Pathak

You will notice that the text is not entered in paragraph format when you paste it in text. You must go in and remove the breaks manually. This is a little extra work of course, but you can write the whole text on your own much easier.

Screenshot: Khamosh Pathak

How to download complete YouTube transcripts

To secure the entire YouTube video transcript, a third-party tool is better, and the YouTube subtitle downloader of DVDVideoSoft will trick you through. Just open the website and click the “Download” button to enter the YouTube video link and the subheader will be uploaded into a text file.

Screenshot: Khamosh Pathak

Alternatively, the text of the transcription can be viewed on the page (where you can quickly copy particular text). Again, after the file is downloaded, the page breaks must be deleted manually—but once that has been done, the entire YouTube video transcript will be stored for later application. Now use your preferred note-taking application to annotate, add more information or pictures to the transcript. Don’t know which note-taking application to use? Try the best note-taking apps in our list.