Use Linktree to make your ‘bio-link’ useful

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Photo: Postmodern Studio (Shutterstock) – The website makes sharing all you work on with your followers much easier. Social media is a key tool to promote online work, but almost all social media applications share an important fault: you can only add a ‘Website’ link to your profile. Most people don’t do it – most of us have multiple profiles, projects, and portfolios that can be promoted to various audiences – and so aggregating links such as linktree are an increasingly necessary part of your online life.

Linktree isn’t the first website like this, but it is one of the easiest, since it focuses exclusively on the links and avoids additional features such as blogging and media publications. The payable version ($6/month) is also much cheaper than building and hosting a website and providing access to lots of useful analytical tools. It is also free to use.

If you’ve spent some time in social media in the last couple of years, you may be curious about someone’s Linktree. Linktree profiles are simple to make, but in the austere interface of the website there’s lots of extra features, so we’ll guide you through this process.

How to make a Linktree page

The first step will be to register here for a new account. Even the Linktree options allow you to add unlimited links to your profile page, however, there is a Pro plan ($6 per month) which adds analytics and allows you to prioritize links. However, the free option will suffice for most users.

Once you log in, it is time to add your link list from the “Links” tab and customize them.

Screenshot: Brendan Hesse
  1. To surprise, add a link tab, click the “Add New Link” button.
  2. In the box, put the URL.
  3. Click the slider to make the link available. To hide a link later, click again on the slider to make it gray out.
  4. To permanently remove a link from your profesile, you can also click on the trash.
  5. Drag & Drop link tabs on your Linktree page to reorder their appearance.

Depending on what you link to, certain links will have additional options. For example, youTube links may be opened in a separate tab and visitors may be asked to subscribe to your channel.

Free members can add images to any link in their thumbnails and view limited analytics. It is also possible to show individual tweets on your page or to display your latest tweet automatically with a pro membership.

Screenshot: Brendan Hesse

Upon adding your links, click on the “Perception” tab to change your profile image, customize your organics and modify the theme of your page. Currently there are 10 free subjects, most of which have strong colors or simple gradients, whereas Pro members can select from five additional subjects, from “night sky” to “rainbow” or create their own with unique backgrounds and fonts. I use one of the free themes personally, and the work is all right.

You can also add more helpful links, like payment integration with Paypal and Venmo, social media profile links to social networking profiles, email addresses, messaging accounts like WhatsApp or Telegrams, substack and SMS suscriptions and more. The last thing to do is to go to the “Configuration” tab. These additions appear in the lower part of your main link stack as icons. Also, you could switch to “sensitive material” by switching on your account settings (read: adult content).

Screenshot: Brendan Hesse

Your Linktree profile is ready after you have added the final links and configured your settings. To share this with your contacts through your message, e-mail, or Social Media post, copy the “My Linktree” link in the upper right and paste it in different profiles, portfolio pages… Please click “Share.”

Linktree’s best alternatives

In the event Linktree does not cut it to you, there are some alternatives (although it’s easily the most popular service like that. Most of the products are price and/or feature limited or go much further than Linktree’s simplicity, but here’s a selection to start with:

  • allows users to add unlimited links to their pages as does. You can also integrate video and premium subscribers ($1 per month) have access to their links with analytics data. The only downside is that an Instagram login is necessary.
  • Shorby has almost all the same features, and some advantages, like Snapchat Story Integration, which is also very similar to Linktree. It is a paid service, however, that starts at $15 per month (or $144 a year).
  • Milkshake, which lets you create multiple pages and add.gifs and other visual flare to your links, is yet another worthy candidate, but it is mobile-only (android and iOS) and not available on a desktop. It’s good, free news!
  • Finally, you can paste all of your links into a spin tweet which remains at the top of your profile as long as you keep it on Twitter and are primarily searching for a low-maintenance solution. You could even link the Tweet directly from other profiles of social media—although it is certainly an innovative solution to the services you get.