Nokia rumored this year that he would launch a new flagship

by - – Rumors have gone up in the last 24 hours suggesting that some time later this year Nokia is planning a new flagship phone launch.

Since the company is primarily focused on the lower and mid-range markets since the smartphone reentry, it would be surprising if the speculation were true.

The company would host a special launch event around China’s “Single Day” on 11 November in a post that has since been deleted from Weibo, reported by multiple sites – Nokia’s Project Manager in China Zhang Yucheng.

No details were given on what the phone could be, except for 5G. And the post never used the term flagship, according to reports.

The speculation here is that it would have to be a remarkable smartphone launch and thus a flagship, since a special event is taking place.

It was recommended that Nokia X60 or X50 be adapted to the higher end of the HMD portfolio with a new designation scheme.

However, one thing is worth considering is that this post (now gone) has specifically been shared for the Chinese market, and any launching event could certainly not influence HMD’s plans outside China.

The Nokia 9 PureView launched in 2019 a good few years ago was the last flagship phone of Nokia, which has not really made any effort to track.

Yet, when it launched the new phones in the category C, G and x series, it was clear that every set would be supplied with new models and that it would be easy to place the phones in their categories with their simpler naming scheme.

This means that when Nokia starts the rumored X50 and X60, it makes sense to be stronger than X10 and X20. And that means that they can be more like the top performance flagships.