Next generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 895 phone chip based on 4nm technology

by - – The next generation Qualcomm flagship telephone chip is based on the next 4nm production process, which should increase performance and efficiency significantly.

The new process is going to shade the best of the moment – 5nm. Many smartphone processors are based on processes that are 7nm and even bigger.

However, the Snapdragon 895 and mid-life speed bump 895+ will be supplied by 2 different manufacturers. Samsung is going to produce the former, whereas Taiwan’s TSMC produces the latter. The news is kind to the well-known Ice Universe leaker.

While 895 will come with us at the end of the year, the 895+ will be launched a year away, and Qualcomm has launched SnapDragon 888 Plus just now, which followed December’s launch of the Snapdragon 888 in devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 and OnePlus 9 series.

Therefore, it’s not a big leap to say that many of 2022’s big names are inside the 895 Snapdragon (name to be confirmed, of course).

In addition to new Honor, Vivo, Xiaomi, Motorola phones, the new 888 Plus will now be available on the next Asus ROG Phone.