Your Older iPhone will not receive these iOS 15 capabilities

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Not every feature in iOS 15 will reach every compatible iPhone.
Image: Apple – iOS 15 supports many older iPhones, but you won’t receive all new features. The iOS 15 public beta is available and can be installed for anyone wanting to try it out. All the iOS 14 devices are upgradable—all that’s back to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in September 2015. All iOS 15 features are not available on each supporting iPhone. Here’s the print in its entirety.

The amount of power your iPhone actually has under its hood is what really matters. Some iOS 15 features require a more powerful A12 Bionic chip, which was debuted in 2018 with iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. It was not only better than the Bionic A11, but had also an improved AI neural engine.

There are also several features that are not connected to the A12 Bionic processor, but are only available in newer models. Here is what you’re going to miss—and why—if you didn’t get an iPhone from 2018 or later.

FaceTime Enhancements

Portrait Mode: FaceTime will be clever enough for you, as in the Portrait mode in the Camera App, with the introduction of iOS 15 to blur behind speakers. However, this feature is only available with new iPhone models.

Spatial audio: Elderly iPhones do not have the ability to process people’s voices from various directions. Apple promises to create “a sound field that facilitates conversation as easily as face to face.”

Features for Apple Maps

Increased realities: If you use an older iPhone, you cannot use the immersive AR view in your path, Apple Maps is inspired by Google Maps for the implementation of IOS 15. Increased AR views can be used.

Interactive world: Apple makes maps more detailed and immersive, with 3D globe view improvements with enhanced mountains, forests and other characteristics…since you use an iPhone with an A12 Bionic processor, at least.

Detailed city experiences: The Apple Maps’ additional detail covers roads, trees, sights and buildings in cities like San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and London — but all these improvements will need a new iPhone.

More details are coming to Maps—for some iPhones.
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Digital keyboard

All of your iPhone’s fancy digital key systems – from the opening of your car to your hotel room – require the hardware introduced with an iPhon XS to prevent older devices from being lucky.

New Tricks for Camera

Live Text and Visual Lookup: iOS 15 in a number of iOS 15 applications can recognize and process picture text, as well as smart tricks—like tells you the race of a dog you photographed—only with A12 Bionic or anything newer.

QuickTake videos zoom in: QuickTake videos are where the Photo Mode shutter key in the camera app is pressed and held. iOS 15 allows you to zoom in and out with a swipe up or down during these videos — but new iPhone hardware is necessary to achieve this.

Siri On Device Better, Faster Processing of Siri: Apple says that Siri will perform more actions with iOS 15 on your iPhone, speeding and privacy, but if your phone has no A12 bionic or something new, requests from Siri still will be sent to process Apple’s server.

On-device Customizing Siri: Without A12’s Bionic CPU or anything newer, you can also save some of your phone’s customizations by Siri. The new words and topics you are interested in include these personalisation.

With the implementation of iOS 15, Siri can do more on your real iPhone without online – think of alarms, launch apps, volume adjustment, etc. Again, however, this will not be applicable to iPhones launched before 2018.

Dictation on the device: As with the Siri features above, iOS 15 can not process dictation on your current device if you have an older iPhone. Instead, it will be sent to the cloud, meaning that the process will be slightly less private and slower.

The animated Weather backgrounds won’t appear on all devices.
Screenshot: Gizmodo

More dramatic time

Sorry, older IPhone owners, but in the weather application iOS 15, which shows the current weather conditions through computer graphics, you won’t get the stylish, animated background.

Upgrades to Space Audio

You can get a dynamic head Tracking component in Apple’s Space Audio features, but at least one iPhone 7 handset is required to make it possible for you to have iOS 15, AirPods Pro or AirPods Max headsets, and some Dolby Atmos music.

More progressive tracking of health

iOS 15 uses custom algorithms to see what is stable, but walking stable is a new feature that is exclusively available on iPhone 8 and newer devices — you will not be able to access anything older than that.