‘Worldcoin’ of Sam Altman wants to give you Crypt in return for eyeball scans

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Photo: Martin Meissner (AP)

techno.rentetan.com – The creators want a cryptobased UBI to be used to prevent fraud by the use of an eyeball scanner.

You probably have to sit down for this one if you thought that cryptocurrency shenanigans ended with Dogecoin and NFTs. Sam Altman, former CEO of the well-known Y Combinator Start-Up Incubator, is reportedly working on a new crypto-month distribution on Earth for everyone. Once the eyeballs are scanned.

Yeah, you’re reading right.

Thanks to Bloomberg that you have given the rest of us this cursed notice. Blumberg says in its report Altman has recently raised $25 million from investors, both dubbed Worldcoin, and the company behind it. Andreessen Horowitz, Reid Hoffman, founder of the LinkedIn, and Day One Ventures are supposed to support the company.

Altman explained to Bloomberg what the fever dream inspired. “I was extremely interested in things like the basic global income and what the global redistribution of wealth will happen and how we could do it better.

Universal basic earnings are the theory of the economy that every citizen should, regardless of need, have a government income. Whilst UBI may be associated with Andrew Yang’s failed political ambitions, it is promoted in technology as a strategic measure to offset automation-led job losses. For several years Altman himself has been UBI’s vocal advocate. Altman planned to contribute up to $60 million in the pilot study for UBI’s feasibility during his time at Y Combinator. Altman also started discussing the possible relationship between cryptography and UBI in 2019.

It is supposed to add a hardware component to crypto-currency in the attempt to “assure everyone’s humanity and uniqueness while preserving the privacy and the total transparency of a blockchain without permission.” In particular, Bloomberg says the gadget is a portable “silver-colored basketball-sized spherical gizmo” used to screen the irises of the people.

It is being tested in some cities and because Worldcoin isn’t yet ready for distribution, in exchange for participating, the company gives volunteers other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Less than 20 prototypes of the scanning orb are reportedly present and at present it is estimated that each one costs $5,000.

The entire iris scanning item is supposed to be “essential,” because the “one unique number code” would be generated for each person and scammers would not be registered several times. With regard to the complete privacy issue, Worldcoin states that the scanned picture is subsequently deleted and the company intends to be “as transparent as possible.”

Listen, UBI is absolutely nothing wrong, or even the need to make sure there is no good thing to people. Listen. However, is it necessary to do so? Must we jump first to the most heartbreaking solutions?