Instagram Is Video Swiveling

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hoto: LIONEL BONAVENTURE / Contributor (Getty Images) – “We are no longer a sharing app or a sharing app in squares.” Like so many media firms, the company’s head, Adam Mosseri, announced on Wednesday that Instagram is preparing for a sweeping acceptance of the video as its content.

Because of the explosive success of TikTok and YouTube with influencers driven video content as serious competitors to Instagram, it is already famous to raise eyeballs away with the exact type of content Instagram. Mosseri replied that Instagram plans to implement a number of newly designed initiatives, including testing on users’ full-screen videos on their feed, including on accounts that it doesn’t already follow.

“With how we take video more broadly – full, immersive, entertaining, and mobile first video – we will be experimenting, also,” said Mosseri in a Wednesday posted video. “In the next few months you will see us do a number of stuff or experiment with a number of stuff in this area.”

“We’re not a picture-sharing app or a picture-sharing square,” he added.

Instagram, which belongs to Facebook, has seen such changes for months now. In August 2020 the platform introduced the short-form video feature Reels, allowing Instagram users to create overlaid audio content in similar ways to TikTok.

The video priority announcement only days after Instagraph employees indicated that the platform could develop a subscriber-only story feature. Known as the “Exclusive Stories” the content would not be available for viewing or screenshoting by non-subscribers, only for a certain creator’s subscriber base.

“There’s a strong competition and more to do, people are looking for Instagram,” said Mosseri. “We must take that on board, and that means change.”