Download the public beta watchOS 8

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Photo: Masarik (Shutterstock) – WatchOS 8 is now available for supported devices with the first public preview. The first watchOS 8 public beta is now available, which allows users to test the new features coming in later this year in Apple Watch Series 3, 5, 6 and SE. In this early version of watchOS 8 are respiratory sleep monitoring, new training modes and support for multiple times and several new changes to various Apple Watch applications, including:

  • Photos: Memory, highlights and images can be shared via iMessages and mail.
  • FindMy: support for AirTag tracking.
  • Apple Music: Now you can share music through messages.
  • Weather: Notices of rainfall if the next hour is expected.

Tons of other minor tweaks can be seen in watchOS 8 right now – but only if you have an iPhone with an iOS 15 beta. There are many more. We can support you in installing the iOS 15 beta, but we strongly recommend that your main devices do not install either iOS 15 or watchOS 8 betas. Bugs and performance issues could render them useless, and once watchOS 8 beta has been installed, you cannot roll back to watchOS 7. Waiting for stable versions is better for a few months.

Here is how to insert your Apple Watch in the beta program for Apple so that you can now install watchOS 8 public beta.

  1. Make sure that your iPhone is charged, combined and close to each other.
  2. Open Apple’s webpage beta program on your iPhone with iOS 15.
  3. Click “Get Started,” sign into your Apple ID and accept the terms and conditions for registering your account in the program.
  4. Tap “Profil Download” to “WatchOS” tab. If requested allow the download.
  5. Then select Install and follow the instructions on the screen.
  6. When prompted, tap to restart Apple Watch.

It’ll be ready to download the update of watchOS 8 after the Apple Watch reboots. Downloads are available in two ways:

  • Go to your Apple Watch and select “Download and Install” for settings > General > Software update.
  • Go to General > Software Update and click on the button Download & Install in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Follow the instructions on the display. Once you have completed your installation, your Apple Watch will be re-started once again. The watchOS 8 public beta will be executed after it reboots.