Two ways to stop ‘ducking’ on your iPhone

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Screenshot: Joel Cunningham – Because you probably never want to write about ducks. Our telephones might be attempting to give us a favor by walking on the polite side, but boy, you know you love to keep us from sweating. If you don’t want to tell your friends “drag off” on a regular basis, there are several ways to fix the useful, often annoying auto-correct feature in iOS messages—and they work for more than your popular swears.

Get your telephone to stop writing a new contact “ducking”

A new connection with the words that your phone wants to learn is the quickest and dirtiest way to add your preferred swears into autocorrect vocabulary. Steven Thrasher suggests for instance, on Twitter, that somebody named “Fuck Fucker” be added into your list of contacts (you can even name somebody who you hate, like your landlord if you like). Open the Contacts app and tap the “+” in the corner to add a new contact (you can save the word yourself without having to enter a counterfeit number or e-mail address).

If you want to be comprehensive, go ahead and make any changes, such as “fucked fucking” or any curses, that you frequently fall short of the autocorrect filter. Naturally, from working jargon, to the weird name of your dog, to the falsified proper nouns from video games and movies, you can use that method as well.

Screenshot: Joel Cunningham

Add more by adding a text substitution dictionary to your iPhone

You can also edit the dictionary your iPhone uses directly when you unpack text abbreviations if you want to deal with the problem in a different manner—and avoid confusing your contacts with some fake people from NS-FW.

Open the Settings and swipe to General > Keyboard > Text Replacement to add words to the Text Replacement dictionary and then tap the “+” at the corner to open up a page that lends a new alphabetically sorted input. It is designed to create text replacement shortcuts, so, for example, you can write “omw” to “on my way,” but you can add full words like “fuck” or “shit” or anything that you don’t want your phone to fix.

Turn off automatically
Naturally, the easiest way to swallow wild discard is to swallow off Messages’ automatic feature — iPhone users will also find this option under Settings > General > Keyboards (or the thick-fingered).