Alexa will read your children, but the catch is there

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Alexa can now read along with your child, which is exactly as creepy and cool as it sounds.
Image: Amazon – After every few reading lessons, you might want to delete voice recordings. Amazon made no secret of customers, including children, from the whole family. There are already many ways to bring Alexa to the life of your child, from smart screens and fire tablet to games and homework. Your new skills, which allows Alexa to read and train a book with your child, are not available, have been announced by Amazon.

Sidekick was conceived for the purpose of “reading more fun.” It works best for children between 6 and 9 years old who still need help in parsing sentences. Sidekick’s reading works with physical and digital books if available in the Amazon library. You need to activate an AmazonKids Plus account that costs $5 per month for an active subscription and $3. The launch includes more than 700 books, including newly issued titles such as Hair Like Mine and long-standing favourites such as Chica Chica Boom.

After your children’s instructions, “Alexa, let’s read,” the wizard is going to ask the child to tell the book title and then he’ll wait until the beginning. You can choose how much Alexa wants to read or take turns.

Alexa will listen and react accordingly when your child starts to read. Alexa gives the next word to help her move forward if your child is in difficulty. And Alexa will give the words of encouragement when they succeed, like: “Great job!” and “Way to stay with it,” not something a human being would say at the present time, but perhaps this is one way of distinguishing Alexa from real people. If your child clashes word pronuncation and manages a healthy rhythm, Alexa will even offer a “woohoo!”

Reading Sidekick will be as easy to engage as, “Alexa, let’s read.”
Image: Amazon

Reading Sidekick sounds like fun, honestly — like I’d used to read all of my lonesome when I was a kid. Once she’s old, I could even try this with my daughter. If you are not available it is an easy way to encourage reading, and it is a good pitfall for a child to be entertained by the fact that it is an IA assistant.

In addition to Alexa Voice Profile for Kids, the Reading Sidekick feature allows parents to choose a distinct voice profile for a maximum of four children. It may be something to consider for the easy access and built-in parental controls of a child who relies on constant interaction with the digital assistant.

But consider how Amazon trained his assistant to make these child-specific characteristics a reality before committing. Amazon uses children’s voice recordings for the recognition and the understanding of natural language by Alexa, as TechCrunch reminded us. Amazon sometimes examines the voice samples manually. So Alexa can understand accents, lisps and all the various ways a child could pronounce a word in its early development.

You may consider how to remove individual voice recordings from your child if you are the parent who is familiar with the utilities of these supporting functions and have already brought the devices in your house. You can also set up it so that after a certain period of time Alexa automatically cancels records. The option is available on the mobile app under More Settings in the Alexa Privacy dashboard. Tick the option to allow voice deletion.

Then you can choose when and how often your voice recordings should be clear from Amazon. I’ve set it so my queries will never be saved. I have been contacting Amazon to clarify whether Alexa Voice Profiles for children will be covered by this capability.

For anyone who believes that reading Sidekick is a helpful means of keeping the children involved during the summer, if you are an Amazon Kids Plus subscriber the feature is currently available. By 2 July, Alexa Voice Profiles for Children will be released to all.