If you download an update, Snapchat Says App will stop crashing

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Photo: Carl Court / Staff (Getty Images)

techno.rentetan.com – You may now correct it if Snapchat continues to crack on your iPhone. The latest Snapchat release has been hit by a bug that forced it to crash when it was started, but not more! An update was provided in the App Store to correct the problem, which appeared only to affect the iOS version of the app (Users from Android don’t see the same problem).

Ironically, the bug seemed to be included in a 28 June maintenance update to fix some errors that were experienced by the message platform users.

First of all, the problem came to light after a number of Snapchat users had taken Twitter to complains about the bug. They have reportedly seen the app displaying “something went wrong — try it again later.” After Snapchat’s senior product vice president Jacob Andreou tweeted about the problem with The Verge’s Mitchell Clark, a little baby emoji answered that everyone was aware the bug has since been remediable.

On Monday, Snapchat help team informed users of the problem by giving a “Hang tight, we look into it and we work on a fix!” tweet to advise Snappers who would like (?)!

In fact, an update recently added to the application store appears to be solving this problem, and the patch will most likely be tracked quickly once the product team of Snapchat realized how many people the bug affected. (Snapchat – something like an obsolescence drain – can’t really afford to piss users like that at this point.)

If your phone has not recorded the update automatically, it is important that you refresh the updates available and allow downloading the fix from your profile image in the upper right corner of the app store.