Basically youTube TV is now cable

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YouTube TV offers 4K streams and offline downloads, but it adds to the already hefty price of cord-cutting.
Image: YouTube TV – Premium features such as 4K and offline downloads add up to an expensive bill. The long awaited 4K Plus streaming option from YouTube TV is now available as an extension to existing subscriptions. The new level adds 4K streaming content to your home network, plus offline downloads and unlimited simultaneous streaming.

The 4K Plus package from YouTube TV will add an additional $20 a month to the base subscription fee. The introductory price for the first year is ten dollars a month, and you’ll get a free month to see if the feature is worth it on a long-term basis.

Anyone who subscribes to YouTube TV is provided with 5.1 Dolby audio capabilities that will be used in the coming weeks to select devices. YouTube TV said that it was one of the users’ largest function requests. There are also several new features of live sports that are being downloaded, including the ability to jump into different parts of a recorded broadcast and a count of medals at a glance, which are useful for tracking the Olympics this summer.

YouTube TV is late in its high-resistance streaming – it is already supported by the Amazon Prime and the Netflix. YouTube TV offers an edge to live TV here but when you add it all, it is pretty expensive.

Since it started, I have been paying for YouTube TV. I often complain that I pay for cables and that the channels I hid from the grid are completely uninteresting. I am very happy with this. (I’m not a sportsman — except you count the reality series of Bravo which is dramatic enough for playoffs to be considered.) My bill for the base package and HBO Max is around $80 a month. The addition of $20 extra to 4K, simultaneous streamings and the later view download of content would make my bill approximately $100 a month.

You must also consider the Internet costs, as opposed to cables, which I have had to upgrade because my whole home works from home. At the end of the day, television time increases that bandwidth allowance so we decided to gain the unlimited package in cash.

YouTube TV, at the very least, can encourage customers to download it offline. Their direct competitors, Sling TV and Hulu do not offer or only allow select titles to be downloaded. YouTube told The Verge that anything recorded from your cloud DVR could be downloaded for offline reproduction from the base channel package into the mobile app. That does not, however, contain premium content, so you’re out of luck right now if you hoped to bypass HBO’s lack of downloadable video.

Head to your YouTube TV settings, and you’ll see this option pop up to add on to your monthly bill.
Screenshot: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

You can subscribe to the YouTube TV settings if you are curious to try out the new 4K Plus tier. You can switch to HBO, Showtime, Acorn, and other advantages offered via YouTube TV via the same add-on menu.