Instagram could soon be posted via desktop

by - – Instagram has reportedly tested its desktop version for long requested functionality. You can’t post Instagram posts to your feed, while viewing Instagram posts from a desktop browser. But that might change soon.

“We know that many people have access to Instagram on their computer,” says Christine Pai of Facebook’s Instagram owner (via Bloomberg).

“We now test the ability to create a feed post in Instagram with your desktop browser to improve this experience. “

Social media expert Matt Navarra posted screengrabs of the trial on his Twitter feed subsequently.

The experience in the browser offers many of the same functions as mobile: aspect ratios, filters and fundamental editing tools. No word, if not all, is compatible with browsers yet.

Unfortunately, not everyone can currently access the trial. However, Instagram could be deployed once those who have access have received this message if it succeeded: “You can now create and share posts from your computer directly.”

That sounds like a Facebook feature that is designed for a wider application. Then, no matter where you are, you can’t escape those cheeky posts.