How to get the Safari interface for macOS 12 on macOS 11

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Screenshot: Apple – As part of the coming macOS 12 Monterey updates launched later this year, Apple’s Safari browser is going to get a visual overhaul and there are a few different ways to test the new browser in front of the MacOS 12 update, including a way to get the macOS 11 now!

What are the modifications to the Safari macOS 12?

We must start with a new interface that completely changes the look and function of the Tab Bar before we get to how you can try the new Safari early. Safari’s tabs are now floating on top of the browser window as separate square buttons, something similar to the recently redesigned tab bar from Firefox. In contrast to Firefox’s new tabs, however, Safari completely replaces the search bar. Instead of having a single URL bar on the top of the window, you can now type other addresses and search terms as normal, and if you click on a tab it will expands to display the full URL.

The page controls of the browser are also included in the tabs. You now swing over the tab icon to show the “X” instead of the ever present “X” button for closing an on-tab. Similarly, many of the usual “…” buttons of the tool bar, including page refresher icons, can be replaced and consolidated in a single overflow menu.

Screenshot: Apple

Safari’s user interface will also change color depending on the website. Clicking between tabs dynamically shifts the color scheme, but for now only certain websites will support the feature.

The last major addition to the new Safari are tab groups, which allow you to open more than one tab. Tab groups appeared in other browsers (to mixed reception), but they are intended to reduce the burden of multi-tab browsing.

How to try the new Safari before the release of macOS 12

The Safari redesign will be updated in the MacOS 12, but the latest Safari Technology Preview for the MacOS 11.3 Big Sur is currently available to test the new design. The Safari Preview method is also available in beta macOS 12, but it’s much easier. It also installs the normal Safari as a separate app. You can switch from the regular Safari app until the macOS 12 and new Safari updates roll out and replace the current interface only, if you don’t like the changes or if you run into problems with Safari Technology Preview.

  1. If you haven’t already done so, update to macOS Big Sur 11.3. To review your macOS version, click the Apple menus and go to System Preferences > Software Update. If an update is available, click on “Update Now.”
  2. From the Safari Developer’s downloads site, download and install the Safari Technology Preview for Big Sur.
  3. Run the technology forecast for Safari. The new tab interface is visible right away.