Next JioPhone with Optimized Android Experience Launched in India: price and specifications

by - – Mukesh Ambani announced JioPhone Next at the 44. Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Reliance Industries on Thursday. The new Android smartphone was announced last year and disclosed by both Mukesh Ambani and Google head Sundar Pichai, as the result of a partnership with Reliance Jio and Google. It offers an optimized Android experience with a hardware input to attract the masses.

The JioPhone Next also provides access to the Google Play store, including a Voice Wizard, automated screen text read aloud, and language translation. Speaking at the Reliance AGM Ambani said, “India still has about 300 million mobile users unable, for these users, to escape inefficient and exorbitant 2G services…. The year last… Sundar and I spoke about Google and Jio co-developing a smartphone that is rich in features, but extremely affordable.

‘While many of the characteristics of the coming phone have been revealed and its Ganesh Chaturthi launch date on 10 September, it has not yet been declared that the phone’s price is “the most affordable smartphone worldwide, not just in India.” “

The launch of the new Jio Phone could give firms including Xiaomi, Samsung and Realme a tough battle with an affordable list of models on the market.

Next price in India, available information JioPhone

Next price is still not revealed in India. The phone is however scheduled to be available on 10 September for purchase.

Next specifications JioPhone

The JioPhone Next is designed for people looking for an affordable smartphone and upgrade from 2G to 4G connectivity. The new offering is based on a specifically developed Android operating system from Google for Jio. A preloaded smartphone with a voice assistant provides auto-read text, language translation and an augmented reality filter camera. It also provides regular Android updates support.

The virtual AGM, President and CEO of the Reliance Industries, says Mukesh Ambani “JioPhone Next comes from a version of the Android operating system that has been developed jointly by Jio and Google, especially for the Indian market. “This is a witness to a worldwide technology giant who works together to make a truly breakthrough product, which first can be introduced in India and then taken into the rest of the world.”

Jio Platforms received Rs. 33,737 crores investment from Google in July last year. The deal, part of the Indian Digital Fund by Google, involved the planned to build Android phones for an affordable price.

This isn’t especially the first time Jio has introduced his internal consumer handset. The telco introduced its smart 4G connectivity phone, Jio Phone, back in July 2017. The model was updated with the Jio Phone 2 launch in 2018. A QWERTY keyboard and a larger screen were included on the original telephone.