New Smart Glasses are portable film screens by TCL

by - – When everybody else’s hyper focused on AR, it is a refreshing take on clever glasses. It feels like every consumer electronics company is currently trying to make a couple of clever glasses. These efforts are mainly concentrated on increasing reality. But it’s not a matter of setting the world around you TCL NXTWEAR G Wearable Display Glasses. You’re supposed to help you get into the world while you’re on the go.

TCL triggered the glasses at CES earlier this year, but many CES shows are more proof than genuine consumer products. We have more details today, and I must say: these are pretty intriguing, as part of TCL’s Mobile World Congress offers. The lenses combine two Sony 1080p micro OLED screens that supposedly can emulate a screen 140″ in 16:9. The glasses also include stereo speakers and a lens adapter with an enjoyable touch to those of us who have an awful eye.

TCL has also previewed a multi-screen collaboration capability that allows screens to be shared across various devices, including NXTWEAR G. It is also clear that TCL is trying to make this a possible tool for productivity. However, the design and specifications appear to be more suitable to view content, with the additional privacy bonus if you’re not at home.

The NXTWEAR G plug-and-play is another interesting choice of TCL. All you need is a USB-C display port from any device that you normally watch. That means you must deal with a wire, but there is no point in worrying about the life of the battery. You don’t have to worry about battery life, because the game “Now where can we stick this bulky battery?” does not need TCL. It is a more comfortable form factor.

In terms of form, the NXTWEAR G has “open-fit design” which leaves your peripherals with a relatively wide gap. For a “immersive” device, it is unusual, since the whole idea is to block the outside world. That seems to be the objective of this smart glass too, so it is interesting to look at an environmentally friendly fashion.

This is a fairly coherent range of characteristics, and today I am used to the concept of smart glasses, which will never again be heard when the press conference or the lecture is over. It is impressive that the babies are likely to come as long as you live in Australia beginning next month. TCL states that the “select regions” are going to follow market availability, but has not indicated what they may be, or the price. Nevertheless, the NXTWEAR G will probably not be a wild item that you see so often. (As a company we’re not yet there.) However, even so, it’s nice to see a couple of intelligent glasses that try to do one thing rather than over-promising features.