Here are all the new features of Windows 11

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Windows 11 is coming and it’s a brand new look.
Image: Microsoft – Windows has an entirely new appearance, including widgets, better looking games and a new app store with Android apps. The next version is officially here for Microsoft Windows.

This holiday season, Windows 11 will be available for anyone owning a new Windows 10 PC as a free update. The upgraded desktop operating system includes a long rumored interface upgrade, better game functions from Xbox consoles in Microsoft and a new app shop that offers access to Windows and Android applications.

Let’s dive in. Let’s dive in.

Welcome Home

Windows 11 will feature a centered Start Menu.
Image: Microsoft

With redesigned light and dark subjects and rounded corners to top each window, Windows 11 has been radically modernized. The new windows in a Thursday press event are described by Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay as “like the glass sheet.”

The Start Menu was moved to the Taskbar center. A search bar for documents and apps is embedded within it. A recommended section is added to save back to what you did. The Start menu also relies on “cloud power” to find out where you worked and where you left the devices.

The Snap Layouts of Windows 11 are a new upgrade to Windows 7, the initial feature of Snap. The new feature has been demonstrated by Carmen Zlateff, Windows partner director of user experience. You can select from pre-determined window layouts that pin various applications and documents, if you hover over the usual place to maximize the window. The options depend on the total resolution of your screen and if you work between different desktops, Windows will retain the layout. In order to have a different profile for every type of situation you use your PC, desktops can also be assigned their own wallpaps and app shortcuts (work, gaming, etc.).

Widgets are fully customizable and sprout up only when you want them.
Image: Microsoft

Widgets on Windows 11 are also official. A touch on the taskbar will reveal a layout of widgets that can be adapted for the weather, calendar and inventory with feeds. From local publications to more famous global outlests you can also curate your personal news feeds.

New changes will be made for users of Microsoft who rely on two-in-one convertible devices, which make it simpler to move between modes. The way the operating system works from computer to tablet has been refined by Microsoft. For example, when you unmove the keyboard, the tablet interface will be activated immediately. The rest of the Windows 11 interface is suitable if the device is rotated.

There is also a new touch keyboard that works and works in line to create more realistic experiences on your iOS and Android mobile devices. There are also voice types as well as new haptical style designs. Windows minimizes apps rather than keeps the desktop for people who rely on a laptop connected with an external monitor but want to get out of the booth to play.

A look at the new Windows 11 “tablet” interface.
Screenshot: Microsoft

Storefront Brand New

Microsoft has also redesigned its app store with the new interface changes in Windows 11. You can easily find all Windows apps, including progressive Web apps, UWPs and Win32 apps. Microsoft allows app developers to select their trading platform and payment systems to maintain 100% of sales and income. (Ahem, Apple.) Apple.

The Amazon Appstore’s Android apps will also be built into the OS. So, without the usual rigamarole to do such emulation, you can access apps like Ring, TikTok and Kindle. An Amazon account will be needed but it looks like a Windows app otherwise—probably similar to the situation we’re now faced with with Google’s Chrome OS and Android Play Store apps.

Excellent in games, too much

Microsoft will integrate Xbox Games into Windows 11.
Image: Microsoft

Without its legacy, what would Windows be? Windows 11 has new gaming features that are supported by Xbox consoles. Auto HDR allows Windows 11 to update the lighting and color profiles in a highly dynamic range of games. Auto HDR can make apparently ageless titles such as Skyrim like fresh experiences from demonstration shown by Microsoft.

In addition, direct storage will be introduced in Windows11. The API is designed to improve game loading times by eliminating storage bottlenecks and improve game performance. This is an existing feature in Xbox S and X series.

Finally, it will be built into Windows 11 directly with Xbox Games Pass. You can access a cloud-available game library directly from your PC for a monthly subscription. Cloud-saving abilities are available, as well as crossplaying with other devices from Microsoft.

Messages from Microsoft

Microsoft Teams are for co-workers and family.
Screenshot: Microsoft

Microsoft spent a little time praising the virtues of using teams to connect to friends, the family, and colleagues in what could only be described as a response to Apple’s cross device messaging platform (and a way to uniform Google in what it could not do in the messaging industry.) The demonstration demonstrated team integration with one app for cross-platform text chat, speech calling and video calling directly within Windows.

Later this year, Windows 11 will be available for all. Bis that time, the Windows insiders will have access to a preview build in order to prepare for your arrival. Windows 11 cannot be executed every Windows PC, however. This tool can be viewed to see whether your PC is Windows 11 compatible. If you do not want to use Windows 11, you may need to upgrade.