Reportedly, iPhone 14 will return touch id—under the screen

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In-screen fingerprint readers have become a standard feature on many premium Android phones.
Photo: Sam Rutherford – The fingerprint sensor sounds pretty big now that we have experienced the limitations of Face ID in the pandemic. We didn’t even see the iPhone 13 line-up – which should be launched in September this year – but now we can see what you’re looking for from your iPhone 14 in 2022. Noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo will return Touch ID in the form of an image fingerprint sensor with a note for investors predicting next year’s iPhones.

In the report, reported by MacRumors, Kuo says that the 2022 iPhone line-up will have two different screen sizes — 6.1 inches (12.8 inches) or 6.7 inches (1.8 inches). It is expected that the 6.7-inch non-pro iPhone will cost less than $900, although Apple’s new fingerprint sensors may, sadly, only be available on the cheaper pro models because of cost-saving measures required to meet that price target.

That could be a stumbling block for those who prefer the value of the lower-cost standard iPhone models, particularly because the physical touch ID buttons of Apple won’t look like they will come back soon. And since millions of people found that it’s really nice, sometimes apart from Face ID, to easily unlock your phone, it’s a biometric safety device.

In next year’s line-up, you can also expect further improvements. Kuo says the iPhone 14 has a new 48MP wide-angle lens for camera upgrades.

In 2022, Apple will not release a minor 5.4 inch iPhone 12 mini-sized device in its main iPhone lineup, apart from the Touch ID and a better camera. The iPhone 14’s sizing details could be enormous. Taiwanese research group Trendforce recently also reported that Apple “sustained focus on driving sales for three non-mini models in the iPhone 12s series” by late this year. Apple’s future plans of miniature versions of its iPhone range have been rumored to follow a weak market in the iPhone 12 Mini in 2020.

However, there may still be some hope for the little fans of iPhone out there. Kuo says Apple is scheduled to launch an updated iPhone SE, the “cheapest 5G iPhone ever,” in the first half of 2022. As long as small iPhones don’t completely go, they appear to be updated at a separate rate from the main iPhone range.

We will not know with any certainty if Apple will again be using Touch ID until the next year. You might want to wait if you plan to upgrade soon but wait until Apple adds fingerprint sensors to your screen.