New wear Samsung OS Smartwatch Leaked

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Image: OnLeaks/GizNext – The Galaxy Watch Active4 may be the first on Google’s new OS and Samsung. Rumors swirling around Samsung’s next-generation smartwatches, but to date, they have mainly focused on whether Samsung is really switching to OS wear. Now that the company’s joining Google confirmed itself, we are waiting for the look of this new watch. The Galaxy Watch Active 4 gives us certain clues that are unclear.

Leaks @OnLeaks and GizNext are kind to return (no relation to Gizmodo). They don’t stray at a glance from the general esthetic of the Watch Active line, but there have been a few slight changes. There is no further break between the belt and the case and the button shapes are slightly longer. The bumpers look slightly longer. The watch is made from aluminum, comes in sizes of 40mm and 44mm and is powered by a new 5nm processor according to GizNext.

The options for black, silver, green and gold are available, even if the leakers note that they might look different from the product itself. In addition to the gold shade that is closer to rose gold, SamMobile maintains, that there is also a blank option.

What does not show the returns are physical bezels, but fans of the iconicest smartwatch feature of Samsung should not be worried yet. While Watch Active’s original function omitted it, it returned to Active 2 – although it was a touchscreen bezel.

The watch looks sleek, but in fact, it won’t answer the main questions about everyone. How will Tizen OS work in a new unified platform and which aspects will remain of Tizen OS? Last month, at Google I/O, Samsung and Google reassured the rumor mill that they were actually partnering with a new OS called Wear.

To date we know that the new battery life, a robust third-party app environment and speedy performance are guaranteed in the new Wear platform. (Since the Active 4 must be 5nm SoC, the scope of possibility is as follows.) Not much has been confirmed further than that, so naturally, the Galaxy Watch Active 4 will be an early indicator of how wear fulfills those promises.

Image: Samsung

We probably won’t have to wait too long to see what this courageous new world might look like after Tizen. On June 28th, during an event called “Galaxy Ecosystem/New Watch Experience/Mobile Security,” Samsung is expected to announce the Active 4 at the Mobile World Congress. “Galaxy Ecosystem” and “New Watch Experience” does not give much to the imagination while we do not know the specifications.

Less obvious is the rumored Galaxy Watch 4 flagship. Sometime in August, our best guess is. This is generally when Samsung is holding its fall product launch event and when Samsung announced last year’s Galaxy Watch 3, the timing is consistent.