How to Stop the Crashing Android Google App

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Photo: rafapress (Shutterstock) – The most recent version of the Google app,, is unstable. Many applicators report crashes on Pixel, Motorolla and Samsung devices every couple of minutes. This is problematic, as the app controls everything, from Google searches, Google lens, the ‘Discover’ feed, and communicates with Android Auto, Google Podcasts or Google Assistant.

Usually these egregious bugs have not been found in the stable channel before an update hits, but during the beta period testers did not encounter them for some reason and managed to break away. Fortunately, there are two solutions available: You can choose to bet on the Google app and download early versions of patch 12.24 or revert to a previous stable version of the Google app.

Either fix, however, comes with caution. As we often warn, beta software can introduce unexpected bugs and stability problems while you have to keep your device a little while before rolling back to a previous version of the Google app. For example, all Google Podcasts episodes will be removed and Google Assistant must be reconfigured on your device.

If there is no option and you are ready to suffer crashes over a few more days, the patch 12.24 is available via the stable channel. Fortunately, you will not need Google Assistant, Google Podcasts or other applications to reconfigure the stable version.

But if you are fed up and you just want to fix the bug for the Google app now, try one. We will leave it to you, but here is how to do them both: Which method is best for you.

How to join the beta app of Google

  • Go to the beta program page of the Google app.
  • Download and choose “Join.” (Your phone or desktop is able to do that.)
  • Open your phone with the Google Play app.
  • Go to Apps & Devices Management > see recent update > updates available > check for updates.
  • Search for the Google App and tap “Update.” Wait for the installation of the update.

Be careful not to leave the Google App beta and go back to a stable version with the same effect that you are uninstalling updates, so if you opt out of beta once the fix is in, you’ll need to re-configure the Google Assistant.

Deinstall the Google app buggy update

  • Access Apps & Notifications > See all apps in your Android device Settings app.
  • Find and tap on the listed Google app.
  • Tap the top-right 3-dot button and choose “Uninstall updates.” Then tap.
  • Wait until this process is finished. You will need to re-set Google Assistant and re-download the Google Podcasts library when it’s finished.