Checking Is Dead. It’s all about Twitter Super Followers, now

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Photo: Alastair Pike (Getty Images) – If you ever wanted to get a buck off your Twitter, that might be your chance. The Twitter company has announced on Tuesday that it will start to roll up applications for their lengthy rumored “Ticketed Spaces” and “Super Follows’ features as part of the long-term view to emulate the worst parts of every other major platform.

Both programs are the first major Twitter attempts to house more posts and more (event) hosting from the major creators of the sites. Both applications are currently available for all aspiring Twitter celebrities who meet a few criteria. You have to be US-based Twitterer with at least 10,000 followers for Super Follows, who has tweeted for at least 25 times over the last 30 days and who has to joining Super Follows program.

You need to have at least 1000 followers to your name for the program “Ticketed Spaces” and a historical record that is not, for example, in breach of the Twitter policies or that violates the site’s standards of content monetization. You need to be over 18 years. You have also had to host three convos over the last 30 days with Twitter Spaces.

In both cases, apps are opened under the new tab labeled ‘monetization’ within Twitter’s application.

We broke out some of the details of the Patreon-esque Super Follows system from the platform earlier, but this is the first time we saw the official prices creating their fans on the program. Now, for monthly subscriptions creators can offer their fans three price points: $2.99, $4.99, or $9.99.

As for what content Twitter expects of these creators, that is for them to ultimately decide, but the firm…

  • Super Followers get badges which identify them when they reply to their tweets and make it easier to connect with their Super Follower.
  • Bonus content: share unscribed thoughts, ideas and opinions on extra tweets, and only your Super Followers can see personal responses.

None of this sounds different from “the unreleased thought, idea and view” that Twitter floods on daily, but some, perhaps (?) would be worth the tweet price for certain Twitter users, say, candid celebrities tweets.

In the meantime, Ticketed Spaces charges those users a unique payment to participate in an exclusive Spaces chat that creators can organize. Twitter has explained that the creators are free to charge $1 at minimum (reasonable) and $999 at most (absurd!) when it comes to setting the price for their events.

Graphic: Twitter, Inc

We know what kind of a cut Twitter plans to draw, at least during the beta, from the creator’s earnings. The notice explained that the users “capture up to 97 percent,” purchase of tickets and subscriptions by the followers, so that the users earn more than $50,000 (after the commission from Apple and Google on these in-app purchases) for both products. After the first 50 000 dollars have been achieved, the Twitter cut increases the creator’s income from between 3 and 20 percent.

The main reason behind this $50,000 threshold was explained by Senior Twitter Project Manager Esther Crawford, who clearly gains so much from these services, and who make “real profits” from their followers.

“We want to make sure that new voices can earn money, so they are eligible to take up a bigger share,” Crawford wrote. “The $50K+ gained from Super Follow and Ticketed Spaces shows that these features help you to make real [money].”