In July 2021 Samsung’s AMD GPU may be published

by - – That Samsung works on a GPU for its devices with the AMD has not been hidden. According to a source with a strong reputation for leaking Samsung, we could see the expected hardware in July 2021.

The first cooperation announced in 2019 was that there was a lot of speculation about what we are going to get. The CES2021 confirmed that we would get a “next generation GPU” in the next flagship product at the Exynos press conferences.

That leaves a great deal of ambiguity, but there was a thinking school that the Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3 will be powered by new Exynos with AMD graphics.

Exynos would boost as it is often regarded as laggling behind Qualcomm and there would be something other than the existing Galaxy S models that distinguished Fold as a flagship.

We don’t know more than we do, but hopefully we’ll use the RDNA design from AMD. The source, UniverseIce, says that it was initially announced in June, but now the day is July.

There is no shortage of leaks from the 7.55-inch display to the under-display camera in Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 that could accommodate this device. Certainly, this new folding phone will be very interesting – particularly if Samsung will use it to display its new AMD AMD GPU mobile.