Facebook will clarify the ‘satire exception’ for content moderation

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Photo: Josh Edelson/AFP (Getty Images)

techno.rentetan.com – Facebook replied to his Oversight Board recommendation that it update its standards for the community to include its position in the content about satire.

Facebook has announced that it will provide information on its so-called satire exception in terms of content moderation to the Community standards. This change calls for a review of the “two buttons” commentary of Turkey’s response to the Armenian genocide, as part of a recent decision by its Oversight Board.

In a news announcement this week, Facebook said that the update allows teams to take satire into consideration during the assessment of potential violations of hate speech, which is the problem of both meme buttons. By the end of the year, the company said the updating is ready. The Board Recommendation on the satire except is only fully implemented by Facebook and evaluates the feasibility of the other recommendations based on the case.

The Company has already worked on a new satire framework for its regional and escalation teams, in response to one of its other recommendations, which recommended Facebook to ensure “the proper assessment of satirical content and relevant context, including through additional resources for content moderators.” It does, however, determine “the scale of this review.”

Facebook indicated that stakeHoumor and satires are highly subjective across people and cultures, ranging from academic experts and journalists, Comedians and theatre-releases representatives. The company has also been told that people with cultural content need to carry out a human review of humor and satire.

“We cannot scale such an assessment or further consultation to our content moderators immediately, because of the context-specific nature of satire,” said Facebook. “We need time for assessing the potential trade-offs between identification and increased content, which can be our satirical exception, priority increases for the most severe measures, an increase in content, and potentially slowed-down reviews between our content moderators.”

In December 2020 a Facebook user posted the comment with the meme. While some may scratch their heads on the description of the ‘two buttons’ meme, you have a good chance of seeing it, as yours does indeed. Created in 2014 by Jake Clark, the meme features a horizontal split screen cartoon, with the image on the top of a hand ready for clicking on one of two red buttons and a cartoon with the hand on the top of the hand that sweats over which one.

The memes are routinely adjusted over every button with crazy, stupid and benign text. Memerino emphasizes some great ones like, “get to eat a turkey” and, “go to eat a ham;” “infinite power” and “surgical Marvel;” or, to name just a few, “add more Easter eggs.”

In this case, the U.S. Facebook user replaced the cartoons in the lower split screen by a Turkish flag, as described by the Oversight Board. The user included two options in the split screen above: “The Armenian Genocide is a lie” and “The Armenians were terrorists who merited it.” The meme was preceded by and the thought face emoji was followed, the board said.

The Facebook Oversight Board stated that the comment was deleted because the phrase, “The Armenians were terrorists who deserved the phrase,” included statements that Armenians were crimes based on their nationality and ethnicity, which infringed on the company’s hate speech community standard. FaceBook also argued that the meme was not covered by an exception to condemn hateful content or raised awareness, because the character of the cartoon could be considered to “denounce or embrace the two statements in the meme.”

However, the majority of the Facebook Supervisory Board were against this exception, which overturned the decision of the company.