Leica has just said that they have their own phone

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techno.rentetan.com – Leica is one of the most storyful names of photography, and its red-dot logo recognizes the quality as well as the price symbols in this field. In recent years, it has also been increasingly open to smartphone partnerships.

This was particularly evident in recent years in Huawei’s top-end models, which gave his photography chops prestige. Things have now taken an interesting turn, however, as a newly announced, exclusive Japanese handset.

The Leica Leitz 1 has 100% of the Leica, the front and center of the brand, and does not hide in the background. Unfortunately, that means a great camera setup, with a 20MP one-inch sensor next to an ultra-wide F/1.9 lens for wider shots.

The first one is a telephone’s biggest sensor, so it will likely work very well. Things get a bit interesting away from the camera, however. The design and specs of this telephone are literally identical to Sharp Aquos R6, which is slightly older and could be redesigned but has the same ingredients.

Just like the Aquos R6, you will get an excellent 120Hz OLED screen, but there isn’t a cap that will mark you in the world of phone photography again. This one might be more about the branding, but if you are a Leica fan, it could be more than enough.

It’s also a challenge with a total price of 187,920 yen (£1,250 and/or $1700), but it’s a bit of a match for Leica hardware, we mentioned.