How to Activate New Party Chat Features of Xbox

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Photo: Chikena (Shutterstock) – The June Xbox system update for the Xbox and Xbox 1 Consoles series is not as large as previous months, but the latest firmware provides two important accessibility features, alongside a new parent controls and a new way to organize your games and applications page for players with hearing and speech handicaps. We will review and use all the new features and the installation of the update.

Multiplayer party chat text-to-text and text-to-talk

Speech-to-text transcribes voice from other players in party chat into text on screen, the first of the new accessibility options. Little overlays are displayed which are moved and adjusted around the screen so that it does not obstruct the gameplay and is easy to read.

The new text to speech feature, another feature, turns the typed text into a synthesized word. In this way, even if they do not have a mic or are not able to speak, players can have a “voice” in voice chat. Most languages are supported and multiple voice options are available per language.

Since May, Xbox Insiders have had access to these functions, but in easy access configuration all users can now switch them on:

  • To go to Profile & System > Settings > Access Ease > Game and chat transcriptions, press Xbox button on your controller to open the guide.
  • In options > Configure Access Settings, players can also enable text-to-speech and speech-to-text from the chat options of a party.
  • Choose the options for transcription you would like to use. Additional configurations for your text or speech transcripts to meet your needs are available on the page.

New controls for parents use and Games & Apps rearrange

  • Applications for the Parental Network: Parents are now able to change their child’s account settings before they can play online or access other network features. The settings in Profile & system > Settings > Account > Confidentiality & Online Safety > Xbox confidentiality are available in the Xbox guide. In the Xbox Family Settings mobile app, you can also enable it. If activated, parents are notified when the account they manage tries to play online that allows network access. The console or the family settings application Xbox allows.
  • Rearrange games and app groups: Now, on the games and apps page, you can rearrange group folders. On the Games & Apps page, choose the Move Group option.

You can install the June 2021 Xbox system update on all of those features. Most users are updated, but in the Profile & System > Settings> System > Updates menu, you can manually check for the updated versions.