Future Swimsuit Speedo has the appearance of Aquaman

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Image: Speedo

techno.rentetan.com – The Fastskin 4.0 is a concept design with AI, 3D biotechnology and a built-in exoskeleton. Speedo unveiled a highly-tech design concept in time for the 2021 Olympic swimming test for what they think swimsuites will look like in 2040. Spoiler: We are all apparently going to splash around like Aquaman extras.

The swimsuit is the brainchild for the Aqualab team of Speedo, Dubbed the Fastskin 4.0. Speedo said the main objective was to create an approach which would focus on customization, speed and sustainability. In a press release The result sounds like it has been drawn directly from science fiction.

Speedo plans for each fit to be 3D printed to suit every muscle and micrometer of the body of the athlete. For the first time. The suit fabric is also “given” by bio-engineered genetically modified bacteria to biodegrade 80 per cent once it is no longer possible to use. Speedo says it has designed a “Smart Stick Seal Adaptive” that can easily slip you on, and also allows swimmers to customize neck, wrist and knee compression. All right, certainly!

Shark Skin 4.0 Boosters texture is supposed to be designed to suit your movement to “direct water out of the suits and maximize propulsion from any strokes and kicks.” Dynamic flow zone is based on an undercutting whale, in order to reduce drag and water separation in the stomach and back of the legs. On the front and back of the costumes, golden fittings consist, in case swimmers want to channel their inner Iron Man, what Speedo calls a core reactor. It obviously responds to the body position of an athlete in the water and ‘adjusts the booming capacity.’

If it does not sound too ridiculous, the fabric will also use energy to power itself based on temperature differences between the body of an athlete and the water. How about a bathing suit? Well, stupid, it’s because the AI coach is going to be Fastskin 4.0. The suit is equipped with micro sensors to monitor vital elements such as oxygen saturation, glucose and hydration in its structure. The collected information from the sensors also provides live feedback via haptics on the technique, pace, position and conditioning. In addition to the AI trainer, the train is also supplied with the built-in exoskeleton which “extend and contract around the athlete’s joints and core to harness its explosive power, hips and shoulder rotations.

This is a great deal of words to say, “This tech is going to zoom the swimmer into the water.” More precisely, Speedo believes that the Fastskin 4.0 improves sprint times by 4 percent theoretically. Speedo believes it could lead in less than eight minutes to the first freestyle for 800 m for women and in 19 seconds to the 50m freestyle for men.