Vodafone is introducing Evo – a new flexible upgrading tariff

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techno.rentetan.com – A brand new tariff called Evo has been introduced by Vodafone. It allows you to flexibly upgrade your phone and is, say, like O2 Refresh.

You can choose what you want to pay for the remaining 12 to 36 months at the earliest stage. Evo can be combined with Vodafone Together with broadband.

As with the other Vodafone plans, 5G will be included free of charge and if you want to add a smart clock, you can save it too.

Evo also contains the Vodafone Unlimited Data Booster, which is free of unlimited data for up to six times for 30 days, the flexibility to upgrade batteries, if needed, and, via the Vodafone in-app trading tool, the ability to save on a new handset.

Coincidentally, at its reinvent conference today, Vodafone also said that by offering the tool to trading via the MyVodafone app, the network is saying that a third of the new Samsung Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12 buyers are buying in an old handset – twice the usual amount of trading services.

Vodafone adds that by the end of 2021 it will tackle digital poverty by linking up to one million people. The Trussell Trust UK food banks’ network will distribute SIMs.

Ahmed Essam, the new United Kingdom CEO of Vodafone says:”We build for everyone a digital future – a sustainable, inclusive and fair future.”