‘Flagship Killer’ by Realme puts an affordable phone on the cutting edge processor

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Photo: Sam Rutherford

techno.rentetan.com – The Realme GT is designed to achieve flasher flagships for less. Although they all share the same parent, Realme is undertaking the task of taking the “flagship assassin,” the latest Realme GT handset, from OnePlus.

The Realme GT is about to become the most affordable phone to feature Qualcomm’s top-tier 888 Snapdragon chip, packing high performance into a medium-range device with an early bird price of only 369 euro (around 450$).

I should like to point out now that the Realme started offshooting Oppo, which is also a subsidiary of BBK Electronics’ parent company. This makes the idea to steal from OnePlus, as it is basically a sibling rivalry, the flagship killer name. But Realme takes it seriously and in his live release he calls his latest phone a “flagship killer.” OnePlus now plays with bigger companies and no longer packs mid-range devices with flagship specs, so here is Realme who takes the thread.

Photo: Sam Rutherford

Realme GT definitely has flagship-level specifics, including the Snapdragon 888, full- HD 6.4 inch OLED with a refresh rate of 120Hz, 8 GB or 12 GB RAM,128 GB or 256 GB storage, and even an optical fingerprint reader. And unlike many premium phones today, Realme GT also features an authentic headphone jack to accompany its dual stereo speakers atmosphere.

Funnily enough, one can also see Realme’s desire to take OnePlus down. Using false leather and black glass on your telephone recalls the OnePlus Concept One, which took place in CES 2020 with only a little left of the camera module and the back glass. The Realme GT has a large range of lenses in its photography toolkit with the rear module featuring a 64MP main camera, an 8MP ultra-wide cam and a 2MP macro cam.

Until now, the only key feature of the Realme GT is wireless charging support compared to other premium telephones (including OnePlus 9 Pro). While helping to make it happen, Realme has 65 watts of wired charge to quickly recharge the GT battery for 4 500 mAh.

In Europe and Asia alone, the Realme GT is not scheduled to be released online. And, to make matters worse, when it officially launches later this month, the early bird price of the Realme GT will go up to 549 euros (about 665 $).