Watch YouTube Videos Without Signing Age Restricted

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Screenshot: YouTube – Let us say that your internet research leads you to an age-restricted YouTube video. But you don’t remember your YouTube information, don’t want the Video in your viewing history. You want to view it (you know—for research purposes). Fortunately, some small URL tricks are available to help with this.

If you remove?v= and replace?embed/, you will find a link to your browser that goes to the video directly without the rest of the YouTube website. You’d take this link, for instance:

And change it to that: and change it to this:

And you’re not going to need to log in. Otherwise, before the part of the link, you can add nsfw:

This will bring you to another site to play the video, but it’s a little faster to type in. By typing the repeat in the same place in the browser bar, you can achieve much the same thing: