The Best Free PDF Compressing

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Image: VELVector (Shutterstock) – Have you ever seen how stringent PDF sizes websites are? Whether it’s a resume upload, a schooling project, or a major file, many of us have probably found that we needed to compress a PDF to comply with the clandestine restrictions on the PDF size of a website.

The compression feature can be compressed only in a paid version of the software, while Adobe Acrobat DC is the best way to compress PDF files. If you haven’t used the app previously, but you will have to pay when the free week is over, there’s a seven day free trial available. Fortunately, there are several free ways to squeeze a PDF in no time on a PC and Mac in a more manageable way.

Make Adobe online your PDF smaller (Mac, Windows)

Adobe has a freely available online PDF compressor. While files up to 2GBs or smaller are supported, most users should be able to do so and three compressive levels – high, medium and low – are to be chosen.

  • Open the PDF compressor for Adobe Acrobat Online.
  • To upload PDF, click ‘Select’ or drag and drop the file from the PC.
  • Select your desired compression level and click “Compress.”
  • To save your device, click the “Download” button.

MacOS Preview, shrink your PDF (Mac)

In the preview application, Mac users have an integrated PDF compression tool.

  • In Preview open a PDF file.
  • Go to File > File > Export as… If a compressed copy with a new name wishes to be exported.
  • Specify “PDF” format.
  • From the Quartz Filter menu select “Reduce File Size.”
  • Click the ‘Save’ button.

Wondershare HiPDF compress your PDF (Mac, Windows)

Wondershare provides a free PDF tool available as a browser extension or offline desktop from the HiPDF website.

Like the Adobe Online Compressor, HiPDF can select between three compression levels, but only supports files with a length of up to 10MB or 50 pages and free users can convert only two files daily. For subscribers of Pro version these constraints are lifted (starting at $6/month, for web, desktop, $8/month) and even multiple files can be compressed on a single version.

We will cover the way the free release works for now, however:

  • Open the compression page for HiDPF.
  • To select a PDF that has been saved on your computer, click on the “Upload” file or click on the download file button for your OneDrive, Dropbox, or cloud box.
  • To upload additional compress PDFs, click “Add.”
  • Use the slider to select the compressions you want.
  • To start the compression process, click “Compress.”
  • To save the compressed file, click “Download.”