The inner little sister of Apple Channels to try and sell you the new iPad Pro

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Apple’s new Little Mermaid parody ad for the iPad Pro.
Screenshot: Apple/Gizmodo – Although it has been shown that Apple needs no help in the sale of its appliances, it seemed that Apple was creative and song-friendly when it created the Little Mermaid ad for its new M1 iPad Pro. Apple hasn’t publicly premiere the announcement for unknown reasons, but it looks like someone else has decided to spread Disney joy.

On Saturday Apple’s Little Mermaid, featuring a classic song called the “Part of Your World,” began rounding. Interestingly, the publicity is on the official Apple YouTube channel and was uploaded a few days before the beginning of WWDC on June 4. However, the ad was not released publicly and is not listed on the channel of Apple. Some say that the private link in social media has leaked.

I can’t understand why Apple’s going to sit on this gem for one. This video filled me with geeky delight as Disney and Apple fans that I am.

Titled, “Your next computer isn’t a computer,” the ad follows different people singing and saying that they’re “the girl who has it all” with unfortunate computer setups. This ad showcases people editing photos, games and video chat in the sun on the new iPad Pro. As the title of the ad suggests, Apple attempts to argue that its device can do almost everything a desktop computer can do.

Personally I don’t know I’m right, but it’s probably because I was brainwashed with two huge displays and a chair for ergonomics. (Without turning the same red as Sebastian, a singing crab, I can’t imagine working out gladly like people in the video right now). This isn’t to say that the new iPad Pro isn’t a big machine.

The new iPad Pro with Apple’s ARM-Based silicon is, as we pointed out in our review, the best iPad you can buy at this time. The 12.9-inch model has a miniLED display, which allows HDR content to shine very quickly and strongly. Apple’s recently announced iPadOS 15 gives it a boost, though it was underwhelming.

iPadOS 15 introduces a new multi-tasking feature, an app shelf for switching between apps or working side by side with them and new collaborative notes tools. There’s still to be seen if iPadOS 15 will make you long for the new iPad Pro and will be launched this fall. Until then, you can’t hurt your heart’s content by singing Disney songs. At the CA. Or perhaps this is just me.