Like Google Chrome, Chrome OS is going to move to a four-week release cycle

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Photo: Robyn Beck (Getty Images) – The company announced Friday that Google is speeding up Chrome OS update release schedules to a four-week cycle in its three-quarter this year.

The Chrome OS release TPM lead Marina Kazatcker said in blog post: “To deliver new features quicker to consumers while still giving priority to Chrome OS’s key pillars—security, stability, speed and simplicity—a Chrome OS move into a four-week stable channel starting with M96 in Q4.”

This will bring Chrome OS’s release schedule on a par with its Chrome browser, which Google also announced in March will switch to a four-week release schedule later this year. Google said Friday it was overtaking M95 for the release of Chrome OS in order to sync the two schedules.

Google plans to introduce a new channel with a more manageable six-month cycle for business and learning users who might not wish or be able to keep up with the update cycle so quickly, as soon as M96 is ready, according to the blog post. The company said it will soon announce further details.

“When we go into our next ten years, these changes enable us to evolve Chrome OS so that it can help people to do things more helpfully and safely,” wrote Kazatcker.

The move shows the transition Google has made in recent years from the implementation and implementation of extensive revision to the release of small and iterative updates for its products more frequently.