How do you actually block anyone on your iPhone?

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Photo: Shutterstock (Shutterstock) – Have you ever wondered what happens on your iPhone when you block somebody? What is happening?

With your messages, FaceTime and telephone apps you can block contacts. If a contact is blocked in an app, they block it all over. Blocking does not stop anybody trying to reach you, however. You will not receive the pleasant “Siri’s blocked number,” but you may start wondering why you don’t respond.

How to block contacts through iPhone messages

Open the message, tap the name of the contact, number and image at the top of the screen to block the number in messages and press on the info icon “i.” Tap again on the name or number and go down to “Block this caller” at the bottom of the contact screen.

If a blocked number is trying to send you an SMS, it will not pass. If you’re on iOS, you may not even see your “submitted” note in your Messages app – but you can see the chat bubble turn from blue (iMessage) to green (SMS). On your end, you’re going to see nothing.

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Messages can also filter sender text that aren’t included in your Contacts list. The messages are still being sent, but are sent to a separate “Unknown Senders” inbox. Also for these texts you will not see notifications.

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If you enable this feature (Settings > Messages > Filter Unknown Senders) the Unknown Senders tab is shown along with a “Contacts & SMS” tab in Message.

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How to block calling and FaceTime contacts

Tap the I info icon next to the phone number or contact and press the “Block this caller” button in the contact screen to block a number on the Phone or FaceTime.

In the Settings > Phone (or FaceTime Messages) on your iPhone, you can manage your blocked contacts. Unlock numbers to resume messages, calls and notifications at any time.

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Blocked contact calls go to voicemail directly. You’ll see in your inbox, if you leave a message, a special “Blocked Messages” folder (found at the bottom of your voicemail message list). You will nevertheless not receive a message they called.