Sony’s First Drone is a professional beast of $9,000

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Image: Sony – Earlier this year, the drone was developed by Sony and it’s finally getting an official debut today. Tell the Airpeak S1 $9,000. Hello. Yes, it’s true: 9,000 dollars.

With an initial price of just ten thousand dollars, the Airpeak S1 is aimed at professional movie makers, and while it could not be reached by ordinary people seeking a new high-end drone, the specs of Airpeak are quite impressive.

It is also the first drone that can be fitted with a full frame mirrorless camera, and the Airpeak S1 cannot just hit 55 mph of top speed in just 3 and a half seconds (which Sony says is faster than any comparably priced DJI drones). The Airpeak S1 is designed to transport a range of mirrorless Sony cameras including various modes, including a9, a1, a7r, a7s and the newly announced fX3, instead of using the small, built-in sensor and camera module. (Sony says other Airpeak mirrorless camera can also work with the Airpeak, but official compatibility needs to be tested.)

The Airpeak also supports a maximum 55° tilting angle and can maintain a stable position when filtering in winds up to 44,7 mi/h thanks to its powerful engines. The big downside to all this power is that the maximum flight time of the Airpeak S1 is 22 minutes, when fully loaded it is only 12 minutes.

Like most modern drones, the Airpeak S1 has a number of sensors and online cameras that look around the drone and help avoid potential barriers automatically, while a handy IOS accompanying application tabs the status and operation of the drone. The Sony Airpeak Base web app, meanwhile, facilitates the creation and logging of flight plans and the creation of equipment lists for each shoot.

The Airpeak S1 even has a dual mode for tricky camera work, allowing one person to fly the drone while another person operates the camera independently. All Airpeak cameras are powered by an internal camera battery, while the USB-C and HDMI ports allow the drone to be connected to and controlled by the camera. The camera can be connected.

Image: Sony

The Airpeak is a bundle of four propellers, one remote battery, two batteries and a battery charger, but it doesn’t feature a camera of its own or the gimbal you need to attach a camera (which is a customized version of a Gremsy T3). This means, you are looking for a price all-in closer to $15,000 when you factor in the value of your camera, a gimbal and all additional accessories. You know. Ouch.

But DJI may finally have one real rival when it comes to superpremium drones for high-end moviemakers who are capable of actually taking advantage of Airpeak S1 skills.

The Airpeak S1 is available today and will be delivered in the autumn.