Samsung Galaxy S21 FE against Galaxy S20 FE: How the difference is rumored?

by - – Samsung has been rumored to later this year, following the Galaxy S20 FE, to announce that ‘Fan Edition’ – also known as FE – of its Galaxy S21.

The Galaxy S20 FE has many of the Galaxy S20’s great features but, thanks to several compromises, for a lower price and there were several rumors that the S21 FE will take those steps.

How should I compare the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE with the Galaxy S20 FE? The rumored S21 FE requirements have been placed against the S20 FE so you can see. To find out how it can compare with the Galaxy S21, you can read our separate feature.


  • S21 FE: 155.7 x 74.5 x 7.9mm, TBC
  • S20 FE:  159.8 x 74.5 x 8.4mm, 190g

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE looks similar to the Galaxy S21, with an IP65/68 water and dust resistance centralized punch hole camera at the top of the flat screen.

The leak shows a three-way rear camera with the box in the top left corner that flows into the device framework. 155.7 x 74.5 x 7.9mm is said to be measured.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE takes its Galaxy S20 design indices. It also provides a centralized punch hole camera on the top of the flat screen, and a rear and waterproof plastic system.

On the back of the car in the top left corner is a threefold rear camera, but the caravan is more of an island that distinguishes it from the Galaxy S21 FE. It measures 159.8 x 74.5 x 8.4mm and weighs 190g, which means that if rumors are accurate, the S21 FE could be shorter and slimmer.

The S21 FE comes in gray/silver, color rose, purple and white. Blue, red, lavender, mint and white and orange are available for the Galaxy S20 FE.


  • Galaxy S21 FE: 6.4-inch, Full HD+, 120Hz, HDR
  • Galaxy S20 FE: 6.5-inch, Full HD+, 120Hz, HDR

The Samsung Galayxy S21 FE has a 6.4 inch Full HD+ resolution screen, according to reports. A refresh rate of 120Hz is also expected, but it is still unclear whether a variable refresh rate, like Galaxy S21, will exist. It is expected.

As mentioned, it is expected that the display will be flat and that it’ll be a Super AMOLED panel, like the S20 FE, supporting HDR.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE has a 6.5-inches slightly higher display than the S21 FE, although the resolution is the same Full HD+ and the refresh rate is also 120 Hz. The refresh rate on the S20 FE is not changing although if it is possible that the Galaxy S21 FE offers a different size then this is one of the variables.

Specifications and hardware

  • Galaxy S21 FE: Qualcomm Snapdragon 888/Exynos 2100, 5G, 128/256GB
  • Galaxy S20 FE: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865/Exynos 990, 4G/5G, 6/8GB RAM, 128GB storage, microSD, 4500mAh

It is expected that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Chipset, or Exynos 2100 with 6GB RAM support. The S21 FE will also be a 5G device running on Android 11 and will be stored in 128 GB and 256GB.

Whether microSD is supported is not a word but given the S21 range, microSD does not provide, it is also possible for S21 FE to not be supported. Currently, the battery capacity of the S21 FE is detailed.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 is the Galaxy S20 FE 5G handset, while the 4G model is running on Exynos 990. A range of 6GB or 8GB of RAM are available, both with 128GB of storage and microSD support.

The battery is 4,500mAh so we’d expect the Galaxy S21 FE to have the same battery capacity.


  • Galaxy S21 FE: Triple rear
  • Galaxy S20 FE: Triple rear
    • Main: 12MP, f/1.8, 1.8µm, OIS
    • Tele: 8MP, f/2.4, 1.0µm, OIS, 3x optical
    • Ultra-wide: 12MP, f/2.2, 1.12µm
    • Front: 32MP, f/2.2, 0.8µm, FF

There are rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE comes with a triple rear camera, although no specifications on which sensors may be in the system today. The same main camera as the Galaxy S21, as well as a telephoto and an ultranarchic lens is likely to be visible, but the latter two lenses have a resolution and pixels, similar to that of the S20 FE compared with the S20+.

The Galaxy S20 FE has a triple back camera composed of a 12 megapixel main snor with an aperture of f/1,8 mm and a stabilization of the optical image of the same as that of the S20+. It has a f2.4 aperture (1.0 μm pixels, OIS and 3X) and an ultra-wide 12-megapixel sensor with f/2.2 average and 1.12 μm pixels. It is also available in 8-megapixel photo.

A 32 megapixel, f/2.2, sensor, is on the front camera on the S20 FE. On the S21 FE, we would expect the like.

Price: Price.

Prices for the Samsung S21 FE Galaxy have not been rumored yet, although it is expected to be in the same area as the S20 FE, which will surely be less expensive than the Galaxy S21 line.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 SE begins for 4G in UK at £599 and 5G at £699. The 4G model cannot be found in the US, but the 5G model starts with US$699,99 and cost $769,99 in 8GB of RAM.


Built on rumors up until now, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is slightly distinct from the back and keeps up with the latest Galaxy S21 series, although it looks similar from the front.

The S21 FE is slightly short and slightly smaller than the S20 FE, is slightly smaller, and features an upgraded processor as well as possible camera upgrades even with features.

This feature will be updated as more rumors about the S21 FE appear. However, for now, you can keep track of the latest in our independent Galaxy S21 FE.